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  1. JAS11N

    Show me your tail pipes!

    4" slash cut, inward rolled;
  2. JAS11N

    New wheels fitted and it looks crazy (IMO) PIC HEAVY

    They look absolutely tremendous What make are they? Never seen them before.
  3. JAS11N

    Retrofitting auto dimming rear view mirror..

    There's some pics of the one I fitted to mine. It came from an A3 this time. (my old A6 got a mirror from a North American Allroad with funky compass and my old S2 got one from a B5 RS4, which all used the same fitting to the screen) Linky
  4. JAS11N

    Fitting XCarLink Ipod dock

    Done this to my B5 RS4 and my mates B6 A4. My RS4 has an RSN-E sat-nav and my mate Chris's A4 has a single din chorus. (I've not fitted one to my B6 as I bunged an RNS-E in) Both connected identical. I took pics of the fit on my RS4, so should be the same on your B6 Chorus. (I'm...
  5. JAS11N

    Cruise coding in the NE.

    Massive thanks go to Stu for coding my cruise today. Very kind of you Stu. Everything running fine mate, as you said, the ABS and ESP lights went off after a few miles of driving. Myself, Allie and Charlotte pass on our regards to you and your good lady. Cheers, Jase..
  6. JAS11N

    Cruise coding in the NE.

    Ahhh, missed that Sandra. Thanks. Hull sounds good Stu. I'm in Durham, so only a couple of hours at the most. I'll drop you a PM to arrange something if that's ok? Cheers, Jase..
  7. JAS11N

    Cruise coding in the NE.

    Anyone in the NE of England (or NW too) fancy coding my cruise please? Can travel. Cash and or beer tokens no problem :salute: (sometimes have issues with PM's here, so alternative contact is jas11n2003 "at" Cheers, Jase..
  8. JAS11N

    Show us your bay

    Holy thread resurrection. Searching google to see from what car this part number 3B0 133 849a comes from (thank you Scott, passat B5.5) thought I'd post one of my B5 (and B6 sorry) B5 B6,
  9. JAS11N

    Warm weather=massive hike in performance

    How what ????? It's a joke, I was wrong about the MAF. Hell this forum has a serious lack of humour :uhm:
  10. JAS11N

    Warm weather=massive hike in performance

    Maf measures mass air flow (amount of air) not it's temperature.
  11. JAS11N

    My A4 Avant 1.8T quattro.

    :yes: :ohmy: Yeah it can get a bit cold :haha:
  12. JAS11N

    My A4 Avant 1.8T quattro.

    Quick 5 minute job this. Used a high temp adhesive (silicone based) to glue it in place. I'd already etch primed the rear of it to stop any possible Stainless Steel/Aluminium reaction going on. Camera phone pics, so not brilliant.
  13. JAS11N

    My A4 Avant 1.8T quattro.

    Probably the last update for a while at least, as my daughter was born a week ago. Managed to get these done before going and collecting my little family from hospital. B7 RS4 pedals and footrest and B7 A4 S-Line 6 speed alloy gearknob and gaiter.
  14. JAS11N

    My A4 Avant 1.8T quattro.

    Nope. That was done back in October because it was leaking a bit. I have mate yes...
  15. JAS11N

    My A4 Avant 1.8T quattro.

    Sorry guys, completely forgot to get you those pics. I'll do it ASAP. Work is nuts and the missus is due in a fortnight, so a bit hectic round these parts...
  16. JAS11N


    I have vagcom, know my way around it comfortably and I think I'm in your area (you said you saw me in Bishop Auckland) I can highly recommend Volksparts in Meadowfield. Cracking bunch of guys I've been using since 1996.
  17. JAS11N

    Headlight Switch

    My standard switch; front fogs on = green symbol, rear fogs on = amber symbol.
  18. JAS11N

    Rolled in or out ???

    100mm rolled in;
  19. JAS11N

    My A4 Avant 1.8T quattro.

    Easier to explain with pictures. I'll take a few tomorrow for you. Really is quite easy. Certainly do matey. I live in Spennymoor. Where abouts are you?