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    NW Paint correction + Smart Repair Recommendation

    I’ll send you a PM?
  2. N8

    Back to original colour - A3 2009 Black Edition Alloys

    Cheers for the shout out!
  3. N8

    Thank you N8! Gotta love Kowalski Details!

    Wow, people are still mentioning my name around these parts. Love you Tom <3
  4. N8

    Powervalve Variable Tone Boost Actuated Exhaust

    If you want an exhaust, then I wouldn't look anywhere else bar BCS and certainly the powervalve.
  5. N8

    Can't believe I've just done this....

    Just to let you all know that we sorted the issue out with the paint. These wheels are refurbed with the OEM colour so no more problem.
  6. N8

    Revo stage 1 - S3

    Been driving my R mapped for 24k (not revo), hasn't missed a beat, wouldn't have one of these standard tbh.
  7. N8

    I could cry :'-(

    Nice meeting you Tom, all sorted now so no need to cry. Lovely car, hopefully I'll be returning to the Audi fold next year.
  8. N8

    RS3 on leasing

    2 year deal £460 a month with £3.8k in, 8k a year is the cheapest I came across.
  9. N8

    Exclusive s3 buckets or just retrimmed golf bucket's ?!?!?

    They were just Golf R buckets with a shabby retrim, look awful.
  10. N8

    My Sportback

    My post was from almost 4 years ago mate, you wanna get with the program.
  11. N8

    Uprated DSG Clutches

    Speak to Statllers?
  12. N8


    I've gone with MSS on the 19"s goin' on my R, how you finding them?
  13. N8

    S3 with genuine chrome alloys @ Paris Motor Show

    They are just fully polished, they've been doing this for years on the R8 V10 and A8/S8 models.
  14. N8

    Interesting Avatars

    @Ghost it's a picture of the wheel display in my unit.
  15. N8

    Interesting Avatars

    @Ghost What you on about dude?
  16. N8

    New S3 2013

    No worries dude.
  17. N8

    New S3 2013

    What's that then :think:
  18. N8

    BCS Powervalve " The Extra Mile"

    BCS make the best exhausts around & Nigel, Dave and the gang offer great service.
  19. N8

    The Audi has gone...

    VW has pulled the deals, and mine's through my business anyway.