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  1. oli356

    Facelift Res delete questions

    Do what? take the resonator off? yep.
  2. oli356

    Facelift Disable car?

    I guess the stolen key could be deactivated but imagine it would need to be done by Audi or a specialist? Unless you lost it right next to the car or there aren't many Audis around, I would hope it would be fine though ! Would disconnecting the battery prevent it being opened using the key fob...
  3. oli356

    What would/does drive you mad on a car?

    Everyone doesn't just turn on adaptive cruise control and lane assist when on motorway, open their flask using both hands and take a drink? I see cup holders as important. I doubt it would be a decision maker on buying a car or not, but it's an annoyance if it doesn't have them. Don't drink hot...
  4. oli356

    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    Never did when I tried although was like a year ago or something.
  5. oli356

    Another 'springs' thread - Sportback 18s no magride

    I went with the pro kit and tbh regretted doing it as can hardly see a difference.
  6. oli356

    S3 8v Gearbox problem or software

    No slower than they drive customers cars :)
  7. oli356

    Changing parking aid to full screen See DjAlix post a few posts down on first page. Got pic examples. Think this is what you're on about.
  8. oli356

    my F1 collection

    Holy cow, thats a collection.
  9. oli356

    Speed Camera POI

    For the application yes as it uses pocketgpsworld data. There are sites to get free databases though, no idea how they compare..
  10. oli356

    carbon mirror caps

    I looked into getting mine wrapped to a carbon look. The quotes were mad, I actually bought the Audi caps for cheaper than some places were quoting. Some places just said there isn't a good carbon vinyl, so no. I paid 170 for mine, collected from Sytner Audi, purchased on ebay.
  11. oli356

    Stage1 2019 S3

    Maybe yes no, who knows. Assume they can and make a decision.
  12. oli356

    S3 running costs

    Where the hell do you live to be able to drive with a long term average of 19mpg lol. I only get <20 when really giving it some but there's not enough roads near me, or roads with not many cars on to be able to do that..
  13. oli356

    Facelift My new Audi S3 8V 2019 (GPF-equipped) - DSG FARTS ?

    Very nice apart from the steering wheel on the wrong side :) and yes, get res delete!
  14. oli356

    Help? Rear window wiper blade.

    I don't know the difference but I've bought A332h before for my Sportbacks
  15. oli356

    Audi S3 8V Exhaust Flap Valve not working?

    Yes you can hear the valves opening from the outside, and feel the difference between the exhaust tips (best on a cold start). But yes they should all be open in dynamic mode when idle.
  16. oli356

    problems after chiptuning?

    When I had my mtm Cantronic fitted the car went into Audi with it fitted. It went in for something (I think was the gear stick replacement) but I didn't expect them to be opening the bonnet and I was short for time, so it didn't get removed. The technician came out after I got my keys back...
  17. oli356

    problems after chiptuning?

    I would struggle to think the dealers would become detectives to figure out if there is physical evidence but who knows. My take on these things is.. It might not be detectable, but assume it will be.
  18. oli356

    Really don't like new Dash-board

    Time is on MMI screen and don't see why you need to know the mileage at all times. Never needed to know the date either. So no, not bothered
  19. oli356


    Rrp on these is crazy. I paid £170 or something and collected them from my Sytner dealer (bought on ebay)
  20. oli356

    Insurance with mods S3 PFL

    Admiral didn't increase mine for springs