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  1. *Rich*

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Well, decided to come back to an S3 since selling my last 8l a few years ago. Not had any interesting cars in between....but here is the latest I picked up yesterday. 8p3 black edition. Let the mods begin
  2. *Rich*

    clunk clunk clunk

    My top mounts caused a similar noise to what you have, havent got a single rattle or knock now.
  3. *Rich*

    Taking out the engine, easy!

    It's certainly one way to get it out lol
  4. *Rich*

    Taking out the engine, easy! - Turning a POS into a bigger piece of ****! think that's the one he may have meant.
  5. *Rich*

    asn new look

    I like the new updated look, however, it only seems to fill the centre third of the screen now, where it used to fill the whole width of it. Anything i can do my side to make it full width again?
  6. *Rich*

    (The Right) New Tyres...

    I've just changed my front two from bridgestone Potenza's, and gone with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2. To me, i can feel a difference already, seem to be less road noise, and feel more 'sticky' to the road. Yet to test them in the wet, not had rain for a while.
  7. *Rich*

    NOT getting up to temperature

    I'll save starting another thread then, mines also stuck open :)
  8. *Rich*

    Having trouble fitting yellow engine mount bush to my S3

    same here, i used a vice to compress, as otherwise they nut would only just touch the end of the bolt.
  9. *Rich*

    Temperature Reading

    Gonna watch my DIS now and see if mine dissappears too...strange that that would happen though :)
  10. *Rich*

    'Fecks Nogaro S3'

    I like it, looks like it's been looked after, a lovely example. i think i need some of those alloys though.... :)
  11. *Rich*

    What Colour are you??

    Another Blue S3 here, but mine is 'Denim' blue, so i'm led to believe. only one here so far too looking above. :)
  12. *Rich*

    Really stuck..... any ideas?

    I had the same problem too, just lots of hitting and swearing, wobbling it about and getting behind it with chisels and pry bars will come off eventually. Oh i also used some heat on the outer edges, not sure if it helped or not, but it certainly started burning the rubber mount...
  13. *Rich*

    red or yellow dogbone bush? cant remember

    I read that Yellow gives more vibration, and red gives less, wasn't really sure myself at first, but ended up fitting a yellow one. There is a slight increase in vibration, but not enough to worry too much about, and it's only on tick-over and pulling away.
  14. *Rich*

    Milltek resonated question

    I've got a non'resonated, and it's not much louder than standard, just a slightly deeper note.
  15. *Rich*

    Audi Recall ( all petrol engines)

    Well mines been in, they've inspected them, and said they're ok. No need to change, at least it's been checked out. They found extra work though, that needs doing......both Anti-roll bars are broken!! WTF?? Nearly £800 to change them both. Been to two independant garages, and they both say...
  16. *Rich*

    Does Anybody Know The Owner Of The A3 (8L with a newer style front end/bumper )A3 KUU

    I'm sure i read a thread not too long ago on here that someone else had a 'run in' with a 'special' driver and that was south yorks area.
  17. *Rich*

    Dogbone problem

    What a Ba****d these bolts were to get out, ended up using heat and impact just to free the dogbone from the bolts......once it came of, the bolts were only just past finger tight. Anyway, all new bolts fitted, and yellow bushes squeezed in, much better now, a little vibration, nothing i can't...
  18. *Rich*

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    It was already on, and it's not the first i've seen like this either, so wasn't sure if it was standard or not....might have a go at removing sometime. Thanks. Previous owner seems to have 'coloured' them in, with some kind of paint, you've got to look really closley though to see it...
  19. *Rich*

    Dogbone problem

    Ok, thanks mate.