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  1. dusty

    S3 8l double din to single

    If you contact a company called kufatec and tell them what stereo you have now and what stereo you plan to fit they should be able to supply you with correct wiring loom
  2. dusty

    RNS-D help...

    If you haven't already got one, you will need a double din centre console and heater controls, the single din heater controls can be used but you will need to trim the sides to get it to fit in the double din console as it sits lower down
  3. dusty

    RNS-D help...

    Yes the tmc allows the directions to be displayed on the dis, you don't need a tmc the nav will still work without it, yes I have the nav,tmc and gps antenna, the antenna can be purchased off eBay quite cheap
  4. dusty

    RNS-D help...

    If you contact a company called kufatec and tell them what stereo you have at the moment, they will supply you with a loom to fit your rnsd, I'm in the middle of doing this at the moment, the tmc is connected to the can hi/lo on the rnsd, and then connected to can hi/lo on the terminals on the...
  5. dusty

    LCR Brembo - Thread Repair

    Hi mate I think you will need the copper pipe in the fitting to get the fitting to fully tighten up I think the flared end on the pipe will stop the fitting bottoming out
  6. dusty

    has anyone used a HAAS fuel pump in a Stage 1 (and a bit) S3?

    There are no gaskets on the pump just o rings that will come with the pump
  7. dusty

    Bolt size turbo S3

    I've been running my hybrid turbo and badger5 chinafold gasketless, for around 6 months without any problems, just make sure the two mating surfaces are nice and flat, you shouldn't suffer with the bolts coming loose without the gasket
  8. dusty

    Bolt size turbo S3

    The bolts bill supplied with my chinafold came with nordlok washers, might be worth getting some also
  9. dusty


    Have you tried awesome gti in irlam
  10. dusty


    Compression test would tell you if your getting blow by past the piston rings and pressurising your crankcase
  11. dusty

    Upgrade fuel pump S3 8L 99´

    I can also recommend the deatschwerks dw65 I've been running it for around 6 months with no issues
  12. dusty

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    My cars second home in this hot weather the pub car park
  13. dusty

    Pipewerx 3" Downpipe - My View

    Excellent write up there pal, the only problem you will have with the de cat is when you come to mot the car, unless you know the tester it will fail on the emissions, and yes the eml light can be mapped out
  14. dusty

    Keep the S3 or buy something else...

    My brother in law runs a Honda s2000 nice motor but build quality and interior doesn't come close to my s3, the s2000 is for sale let me know if your interested
  15. dusty

    P0012 fault code , over ****** ?

    The oil pick up is well worth doing it's easy enough to do, when I changed mine it was full of little bits of plastic it's not worth risking for the sake of £15 or so
  16. dusty

    S3 Exhaust system

    Hi Steve have you ordered the system with the flaps in the tail pipe or the other, I'm saving for the one with the flaps hoping to order it next month I've not been able to find any videos of an s3 8l either with the system on, there 3" dp looks like a nice bit of kit too
  17. dusty

    Stacey's Belated Yo Yo Build Thread

    Forgot to say if you contact someone called VeeDubRacing on Facebook or you tube he should be able to sort you out with videos of all your runs
  18. dusty

    Stacey's Belated Yo Yo Build Thread

    Hi Stacey I was also at bug jam this weekend (I'm a bit of a veteran I've missed one bug jam since 1990) I think I saw all your passes up the strip, I didn't realise it was a forum car at the time otherwise I would of come and said hello, you ran some good times though, there was some cool drag...
  19. dusty


    I've just fitted these to my s3 they are bbs rs2 they came from an Audi TT they are 5x100