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    Help with identifying colour

    Does look light though Sent from my 24030PN60G using Tapatalk
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    Help with identifying colour

    Could be a multitude of things over exposure of camera, the fact that it's in artificial light in a room that predominantly painted white reflecting in shiny lacquer.I had a Daytona grey and loved the colour un the flesh. Best go and see it. Sent from my 24030PN60G using Tapatalk
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    S3 v S4 mpg

    Hiya. On a 2.5 mile school run I get about 15mpg car never gets warm average speed probs 12mph. On a long motorway run I regularly get 32 have seen 37 with my mum as a passenger. Not really suited for small runs s3 will definitely be more efficient 4 pot Vs 6pot init. Sent from my CPH2173 using...
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    Creaking Noise - Front of Car

    I got a creak from front left foot well. There is a tpi effecting all builds before August 2017. Cheers Matt Sent...
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    Is this normal start up routine?

    Mine does the same, little yellow warning coming on at start then disappearing is normal as far as I'm aware. There is sensitivity setting for pre sense in mmi and the ability to turn it off iirc. Only had it physically apply breaks once most of the time it just give an audible warning. Sent...
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    Weird White Spots On Window Chrome

    Could be harsh chemicals from hand car wash type places. They use aggressive traffic firm remover left to long can cause all sorts of damage. Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
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    S4 avant b9 Family car?

    I have been using a4s as family cars for 9 years. B9 s4 is current daily. I would say 5 is going to be a squeeze in the back, centre seat doesn't look particularly comfortable. We have a maxi Cosi seat with isofix and it seems fine, get some seat protectors under the child seat to protect the...
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    launch counter zf8 transmission

    Hiya fyi, there is no launch counter that I can see of on carista for my car. The counter does appear on 2019 s3 with an s tronic gearbox though. Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
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    Audi S4 B9 with 90k: smart buy?

    Also quite a long thread over on audizine My take on it is compared to the b8 with dsg/mechatronic issues and oil...
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    Audi S4 B9 with 90k: smart buy?

    Just bought a low millage s4, which was previously owned from new by a forum member. From what I have read they are pretty reliable compared to the b8. No stickies at the top of this forum is a good indicator for a start. Personally I would like to see it was kept upto date on services and...
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    Space saver

    Will check tomorrow Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
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    Space saver

    Sorry for late reply. Thus is the space saver from a 2017 s4 Tyre says T125/70R19 100M on the side wall. Hope this helps Thanks Matt Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
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    Space saver

    I have a space saver in boot let me look tomorrow. Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
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    launch counter zf8 transmission

    Hello, Im about to purchase a 2017 s4 with 30k on the clock, i asked the dealer what the number of launches where and he said there is not a launch counter on this gear box. I have searched the internet but cant find a definately answer. Can anybody shed some light on this please :) thanks...
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    Advice Needed Before Purchase

    It's personal preference mate. I really wanted a face lift quattro and I think that only came in the 225ps. I'm not familiar with the 208ps variant though. Send us a link to the sale. Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
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    Advice Needed Before Purchase

    There is known oil consumption on these engines up to 2012. 2013 should be facelift model and issue resolved, is it 225ps model if so that's ea888 gen 3 engine with second set of injectors in the inlet which helps with cleaning valves and reduced coking up, common with direct injection engines...
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    Cold start misfires!

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I wanted to ask if you had to enable any custom pids to use obd fusion to get live sessions for missfire count per cylinder. Any tips would be great. Thanks Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
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    Rear light cluster

    Hello. I had a similar prang and purchased one from a breaker on eBay for circa 80 quid. Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
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    Carbon clean - worthwhile?

    Hello mate. Sorry for the late reply, I have asked the mech to send it to me. Fingers crossed. If not I will get him to send it when I'm next at the garage which won't be long. Cheers Matt Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
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    2.0 tfsi tuning frustration

    hello all, Just a quick update, i had the car in to be remapped yesterday and here are the results (they also mapped the DSG) Now i have 365bhp. so very similar power to weight ratio with an s4 with revo stage1 as they are 150kg heavier. Pretty happy with the result. The perseption of lag is...