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  1. Lemonski

    Sold Genuine Audi RS4/RS5 B8 Rotor 20" Alloy Wheels & Tyres

    Hi As per the title I have for sale a set of Genuine Audi RS4/RS5 B8 Rotor Alloy Wheels with tyres. I recently purchased a 2014 RS4 from Oakdene Collection and these where the original wheels fitted to the vehicle. I prefer the V Spoke style and managed to purchase a set of Genuine V Spokes...
  2. Lemonski

    Sold 034 Motorsport Rear Adj. Anti Roll Bar 25.4mm Audi A4 S4 RS4 A5 S5 RRP £395

    034 Motorsport Rear Adjustable Anti Roll Sway Bar 25.4mm for Audi A4 S4 RS4 A5 S5 RS5 RRP £395 £295 to include free postage I have taken this out of the box and held under the car but never fitted it. So hence new other. Only selling as I have now sold my Audi S4 B8.5 Boxed with mounts...
  3. Lemonski

    Sold Audi S4 A4 B8 A5 S-Line 18 inch alloy wheels + Vredestein Winter Tyres 225/45/18

    Audi S-Line 18 inch alloy wheels with Winter Tyres. £245 collected but can ship for £25. Comes with Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme S Winter Tyres. All tyres have 4mm tread approx. across each tyre. I had these on my Audi S4 2014 but will fit other A4 or A5 models possible more. I did have these...
  4. Lemonski

    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    I am guessing you sold these a long time ago now?
  5. Lemonski

    Any B8 RS4 owners in Aberdeenshire.

    Thanks for the info. I am more concerned regarding ride when just driving with the family. I will continue my search for a test drive if something for sale pops up more local to me in the meantime. Thanks for feedback re RS4 versus S4 though.
  6. Lemonski

    Any B8 RS4 owners in Aberdeenshire.

    Hi All I currently have a 2014 S4 Avant which is a fantastic car but having owned a few V8 cars I have a hankering for an RS4 Avant B8. The issue is I have never sat in one never mind driven or been driven in one. Living in Braemar, Aberdeenshire any vehicles for sale are miles away. So I am...
  7. Lemonski

    Brembo Brake differences for S4 2014

    Hi I want to replace the front brakes on my S4 Avant 2014. I am going to stick with standard, but have looked at Brembo's replacement front discs and it looks like there is two available for my car. So mine is the later B8.5 2014 and has a front brake PR code of 1LJ as there are several...
  8. Lemonski

    Strutco Strut Brace – with pics

    Found the guy that makes them selling them on E Bay.
  9. Lemonski

    Rebuilding my 2010 3.0 tdi avant

    Wow looks brillaint. I am watching your carbon mirrors as I may add them to mine. Look forward to seeing them fitted.
  10. Lemonski

    For Sale Maxton Designs Spoiler Cap for Audi A4/S4 B8 Avant 2008 - 2015 BRAND NEW & BOXED.

    Hi Graham Yes this is still for sale. Your the second person today to e mail me about it. My e mail address is in the advert if you are interested. Thanks Lee
  11. Lemonski

    S4 B8.5 Avant Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit Suspension

    Thanks for the quick reply. Like you I do not want the car slammed, I want as close to OEM look as possible, but would welcome a more controlled ride. Not that the S4 is bad, but if I am going to have to change the shocks I may as well improve the ride. I have an 034 Motorsport rear ARB to fit...
  12. Lemonski

    S4 B8.5 Avant Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit Suspension

    Hello I had put a previous post regarding OEM rear shocks for my S4 Avant B8.4 and another forum member recommended Bilstein shocks ( Bilstein B4, OEM ride height but a better shock ) or the B6 Shock which I believe the Pro Kit uses. So has anyone else gone from OEM on their S4 to Bilstein B12...
  13. Lemonski

    S4 B8.5 Rear Shocks

    Thanks for the reply. The only reason for staying OEM was to match the fronts as I was just going to do the rears. Audi wanted to do just the one shock but I want to do them in pairs. If you have some suggestions of Bilstein etc or if anyone else does then happy to hear thoughts.
  14. Lemonski

    S4 B8.5 Rear Shocks

    Hello My passenger side rear shock has some oil misting on the shock, noted on last MOT so I am going to replace both rears. Does anyone know the best place to get genuine rear shocks? Who makes Genuine S4 shocks? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  15. Lemonski

    Maxton rear spoiler

    Hi Geoff if you drop me an e mail I can forward the pictures of the new one I am selling to you. I just test fitted them for the photos and popped them back in the box. cheers lee
  16. Lemonski

    For Sale Genuine 19inch RS V-spoke alloys for sale

    What is the offset and wheel width.