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  1. Adam P

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    I have been a member on here for a few years now. I started with an 8l s3 which lead me down a road of tuning ending up with a forged engine running stage 2 hardware and mapping by Bill at Badger 5. I then moved into a sensible a4 b7 2.0tdi s-line whilst i saved up for my first house. And now we...
  2. Adam P

    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    This is my first post in the A4 section, I have come over from the dark side (S3 8L) Here is my A4 B7 2.0 TDI S-line.
  3. Adam P

    My S3 8L Progress Thread

    UPDATE Looking at this post i haven't updated it in nearly a year! WOW time fly's! So Bill mapped the car just before Xmas and i came out with a big smile on my face which always happens when i leave Badger 5! Great service as usual and the car is great fun to drive now after the boring...
  4. Adam P

    Quick Question

    Potentially the recirc valve, is yours oem or aftermarket?
  5. Adam P

    Wheel/Tyre Size

    In my opinion the 17" wheel looks too small on the s3. 18's fill the arches and compliment the arches much better in my opinion and i have had both sizes.
  6. Adam P

    Anyone used these before

    Book it in with them asap! that's a bl++dy good price! No worries mate.
  7. Adam P

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    I think the side aero skirts work well. Whens the rear rx7 replica lower diffuser coming then!? :thrashi:
  8. Adam P

    Fuel filter change help

    Yes, this thread is removal/replacement from a s3 8l. Original posters signature shows he owns an s3 as well as mine.
  9. Adam P

    Anyone used these before

    I used the standard LUK DMF and the stage 2 clutch came with cg's own uprated cover plate. Worth changing the slave cylinder whilst the box is off too. Standard item does the job.
  10. Adam P

    Fuel filter change help

    The fuel filter is under the car towards the rear drivers side. Easily assessable using a jack. Its a small silver pot shaped like a cylinder as shown above in the pictures robs posted. Be careful with the connectors and fixings as they are prone to breaking.
  11. Adam P

    Anyone used these before

    Hi Frankus, I have used CG motorsports. Great company, fast delivery and good customer support team. I didnt purchase that clutch i bought there stage 2 carbon kevlar one and it has been great so far.
  12. Adam P

    Noggy blue S3 progress thread

    As Scot has said, your can check the rods etc by removing the sump. Might be worth doing a decent oil change anyway. Just a matter of draining the oil and undoing the large number of sump bolts around the seal lip, dropping it and having a look. At least that will give you an idea of what level...
  13. Adam P

    Brake problems

    Davg, i wouldn't know about the servo sorry mate hopefully someone else will be able to help with that one. However i found that the standard brakes on the s3 were sh**e even when they were working as they should. I firstly upgraded the pads to ebc red stuff, still poor. I now have a complete...
  14. Adam P

    Forge 007p dv

    I have run the 007p and 008 on stage 2. No difference at all, now running oem valve as lavis89 is suggesting. Works perfectly.
  15. Adam P

    My minor modding thread

    This machine just gets better and better! Your making us all very jealous Paul!
  16. Adam P

    Finally, The Badger5 Gen2 K04-02x high flow exhaust manifold PreOrderable

    Thanks for your input Gops. Some good points! apart from buying an a3! :moa: Haha only joking.
  17. Adam P

    Finally, The Badger5 Gen2 K04-02x high flow exhaust manifold PreOrderable

    Without causing any issues as i know the manifold issues from the past. How does this compare to the new relentless pro 4 manifold. Any obvious differences. This is my next purchase so doing as much research as i can.
  18. Adam P

    Tried Everything but the fault won't go.......... Help Please

    Potentially my final update. New cam position sensor form tps for £130 made no difference over the cheaper alternative from gsf. Complete new loom installed with no breaks. New ait sensor. New crankshaft position sensor. New fuel pump. New spark plugs, 2.0 tfsi coil packs checked. Cambet timing...
  19. Adam P

    Tried Everything but the fault won't go.......... Help Please

    Right the new loom is in, double checked cam to cam timing again. She fired up. Took her out for a run, parked back on the drive, came back after ten minutes and ..................... ********!!! same issue again! Wont start, turns over and back fires out the exhaust then throws up cam postilion...
  20. Adam P

    Downpipe fitting ouch!

    I was quoted similar figures to yourself for the same work, even had some garages claiming that its too much of a PITA so they simply wouldn't quote. Prawns right, find a mate and get cracking. It so happens that i took my old engine out 'engine failure' so i could simply fit the down pipe and...