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    Cigarette lighter/12v socket always on?

    I have a 2010 a6 avant and my cigarette sockets are always on, I have looked at the fuse and there doesn’t seem to be another location to move it to, to make it come on and off on the ignition. Is it possible to make the socket so it is switched on only when the ignition is on?? Many thanks for...
  2. TAC

    Audi AMI

    Right I am having issues with the AMI on my A6, the car has the most recent Genuine Audi I phone connector in the glove box I have AMI in the media box all be it in grey saying not supported, when the phone is connected I get another icon to show the phone is connected, however, this too is in...
  3. TAC

    DAB radio can it be added

    Hi, DJ I'm based just outside of Reading off junction 12 of M4? Have bought both items show should have them by next week.
  4. TAC

    DAB radio can it be added

    Thank you for that. Ignore my ignorance but what is CP short for? Also does it have to be completed by a main dealer or can someone with vcds do it?
  5. TAC

    DAB radio can it be added

    Ok thanks for all the advice, so if I were to buy that unit from eBay and the antenna I Just have to plug them in, I assume it's straight forward and then take the car to audi to be coded or can it be coded via vcds. Cheers
  6. TAC

    DAB radio can it be added

    It's 2010 model.
  7. TAC

    DAB radio can it be added

    Dear all, another newbie A6 question is it possible to retrofit DAB radio to the MMI system in my Allroad, is it just an additional unit required or is in very involved?? My car seems to have everything but DAB! Cheers for the advice?
  8. TAC

    A6 Allroad software

    Can anyone inform me if there is a way of checking if my car has the most up to date software updates on it? If not what's the best way to get the updates done that won't cost the earth... cheers.
  9. TAC

    What engine issues have you had with your 3.2

    Mine runs fine but its an 06 so later engine I heard there were a lot of isues with earlier engines which is why I went for a later one I've had it 4 1/2 years now and its never missed a beat. Always serviced at Audi so has had all updates and colis replaced last service as Audi sis a recall on...
  10. TAC

    Upgrading to an S5

    Right have been looking for a while online but now going to look at and test drive some cars looking at 2008 model as high spec as possible. What do i need to be looking out for with these aiming to get one with less than 30k. Any help appreciated.
  11. TAC

    Best drilled discs for 3.2 A3

    Thanks for that. What do you mean by saying staying 1 piece what are the other options?
  12. TAC

    Best drilled discs for 3.2 A3

    Right at the stage where my front discs need replacing and was wanting to upgrade to drilled discs similar tote ones found on the S4/RS4. I assume the the S4/RS4 discs will be a different size and not a straight swap? Does anyone have any recommendations?
  13. TAC

    iphone 4 phone cradle for armrest phone prep

    Thats the one I got, works a treat and genuine part as well. Came next day delivered and all....
  14. TAC

    FAO: Mountain Bikers

    I have a 3dr and got myself some genuine audi roof bars from ebay and I have two landrover bike racks same as the thule ones which i pop my mountain bike on works a treat. When I've got it on next I'll post a pic, but was the way forward as no matter how well you line the inside some water or...
  15. TAC

    What colour should i paint my rims

    Don't know if the pic is working for you yet, but the Pascara colour is the colour the edition 30 alloys came in. My A3 is similar coulor to yours and i went from the silver standard bbs to change them to the Pascara which is slightly darker and has far more depth to it. Colour matches the car...
  16. TAC

    What colour should i paint my rims

    Pascara worth the extra cost... Think they'd look the nuts that colour... Where you getting them refurbed?
  17. TAC

    Alloy Refurbs?

    Lepsons are really good they have two offices one in Kent and one in Swindon. I have just had all 4 of my wheels refurbed and repaired and they have done a top notch job.
  18. TAC

    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    Just a few photos of my Standard Audi BBS wheels freshly refurbished in Pascara colour (Refurbed by Lepsons in Swindon Top Service).
  19. TAC

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Just a few pics of my wheels which I had refurbished at Lepsons in Swindon, I think they look sweet so much better than the Silver they had been painted!! Before Refurb After refurb in Pascara
  20. TAC

    Really GAY Post..... Best Roof Rack For A3 Hatch...

    Right part no for the 3dr audi roof rack is 8P0 071 126 A Good luck.