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  1. SuperV8

    Very feint whine on light throttle

    Have you changed both DSG oils? Both my front wheel bearings recently failed (Seat) but it was a faint rhythmic whoomp whoomp noise. Are your tyres good? Simple to switch your tyres front to back to see if the noise changes?
  2. SuperV8

    Sold Audi A4 B6 Avant Sport Quattro 1.9 130 6 speed 2004

    Audi A4 Atlas grey Sport with factory GMBH body kit. 6 speed manual, 130 1.9PD AVF with sensible re-map. Does 48 measured MPG with my commute, with 52 indicated. well maintained with correct PD spec oil. 221000 motorway miles. I've owned it for over 5 years. Swan neck towbar - used once. Cruise...
  3. SuperV8

    Wanted Audi A4 1.9TDI Sport estate

    Did you find a car? My B6 1.9tdi Avant Sport Quattro is now for Sale. In Worcestershire. Cheers, Tom.
  4. SuperV8

    Brake pad with more bite

    Are they intended for road use? Be careful about going to 'racy', there's always a compromise with brake pad friction material, There is no perfect friction material (no matter what the marketing BS tells you) which performs well cold/hot with no noise, low wear/dust etc. I normally find OE...
  5. SuperV8

    Help!! A4 1.8t quattro clutch Sachs or LUK?

    If you are changing your whole clutch assembly/DMF then as long as the kit is the correct one for your car then it shouldn't matter either LUK or Sachs. Tom.
  6. SuperV8

    312mm brake upgrade question

    A3/TT disc will not fit, you'll need A4/A6 discs 312x25
  7. SuperV8

    Rear wiper motor failed, rear boot lock solenoid broken

    I was woken one night a couple of weeks ago three time through the night by my alarm going off, (didn't go down too well with our new born!) Next day I pulled a fault code 01368 - alarm from luggage compartment. I also noticed my boot light wasn't always going off when I closed the boot...
  8. SuperV8

    Dual climate fault/fix

    My diagnostics said 'blocked or no voltage' so I was presuming that it was electrical as they are generally set to on one temp and not adjusted, but thinking about it the flap will still have to move on cold start/warm up! so who knows... I would have thought the fact mine fixed its self that it...
  9. SuperV8

    Dual climate fault/fix

    Just for information, Driving along the other week I noticed my passenger side climate wasn't working and it was pumping out full heat even when the temp was set to low. Then the next day I noticed it was controlling the temp again! The week later it went back to not controlling the temp so I...
  10. SuperV8

    Android RNS-E replacement

    What is the make of the headunit you're fitting?
  11. SuperV8

    Android RNS-E replacement

    Very interesting, have been thinking of doing the same but I have a single DIN head unit so bit more work!
  12. SuperV8

    who's replaced all front suspension arms?

    In the haynes manual it says: Front upper link arm position = 81 +-2mm (taken from the flat mounting surface to the back of the ball joint) Rear upper link arm position = 70 +-2mm (taken from the flat mounting surface to the back of the ball joint - not the rubber bump) I presume there should be...
  13. SuperV8

    who's replaced all front suspension arms?

    I couldn't get to the top arm inner bolts out when on the car so I had to persevere with removing the seized pinch bolts! Took a day per bolt! Air chisel didn't work, in the end had to cut the head off and use a nut and washers/spacers to slowly pull the bolt out, cutting sections off as it...
  14. SuperV8

    MOT help Audi A4 avant.

    £20 sounds too cheap to me for a full alignment. I bet they would just check the front wheels are parallel for that! Both axles need to be checked at the same time. Even the OE parts are made to a tolerance plus and minus, whenever fitting new suspension parts it's always a good idea to check...
  15. SuperV8

    Bad radio reception

    Is there any way to tell which side is affected? (I have an estate with poor radio reception which gets awful when I plug in a USB charger) Any way to fix or do you need to buy a new antenna? Tom.
  16. SuperV8

    My new C5 S6 Avant - V8 family car

    Great read, very impressed. I admire how you still manage to get the camera out even when things go wrong! I often think I should photo document my jobs but when my hands are dirty and just want to finish and get a cuppa I rarely remember to get some photos. (unless it's tricky and I need to...
  17. SuperV8

    This **** from vw

    GM got fined $900Million for killing over 124 people and injuring 275 with faulty ignition switch! VW potentially to get fined $18+Billion! for flouting/bending an emissions reg. It hasn't been proven yet has it? It's not even helpful lowering NOx unless you live in smog filled LA! you actually...
  18. SuperV8

    cam belt change - 1.9 TDI PD - interesting

    This tank worked out at 43.5mpg so not as bad as I thought at first but still 3-4mpg down on my usual 47mpg! I'll have a play with the timing and see if I can improve the mpg.
  19. SuperV8

    cam belt change - 1.9 TDI PD - interesting

    Well think it's definitely worse MPG, done half a tank and only 230 miles - would normally expect getting 300 to half a tank, using consistent 50 mile duel carriageway round trip to work. I will fill up and calculate the exact MPG. Will have a go at advancing the timing to see how that affects...
  20. SuperV8

    cam belt change - 1.9 TDI PD - interesting

    Checked mine over the weekend and was flicking between 0 and -0.55 with a warm engine. Although running smoother with less exhaust soot than the old cam belt (which I have no idea of the torsen value) my first fuel refill worked out at 40mpg!!! so i'm hoping that's an error in my...