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  1. MarkMS3

    VCdS or Vag Com

    It doesn't disengage the Haldex it limits the traction control input and makes the Haldex do more of the work keeping traction. In short the traction light won't flash as it's not doing anything. Haldex pump won't show up if it is only starting to go. When the Haldex oil and filter last changed?
  2. MarkMS3


    These sorts of treatments may work cleaning the fuel system, which will help response to a certain degree. For the inlet manifold on TFSI or FSI nothing can come close to proper elbow grease. I honestly can’t see how spraying some form of chemical into the intake track can clean baked on...
  3. MarkMS3

    Audi S3 - 0-60mph =3.77, 0-100mph = 8.92

    Aye I remember reading that was the case, took delivery of mine June last year so hopefully its not one of the affected ones. Just have to buy a box and find out :) Although my turbo was made 16/04/14 just under 7000miles and nothing yet so fingers crossed!
  4. MarkMS3

    Audi S3 - 0-60mph =3.77, 0-100mph = 8.92

    Just wondering if any of you lads that have fitted one of the boxes have the same turbo as mine from the batch that have had failures 06K 145 702 N
  5. MarkMS3

    Changing HPFP / cam follower on S3 8P

    Perfect, thanks Warren. I should say my wording was a bit off I meant it has a slight hesitation to start some mornings more so when it's colder weather. I just hope when I take the pump off the piston base has not worn a lot if the cam follower has went! Not really wanting to have to buy a...
  6. MarkMS3

    Changing HPFP / cam follower on S3 8P

    Just ordered a cam follower kit and will do it before my service next Monday, My car is currently at 76k my question being if my follower has worn through can I just replace the follower and all will be good or will the pieces of metal done some real damage to my engine etc? I must say the only...
  7. MarkMS3

    VAG COM/VCDS Activate Head unit MFSW in A3 Dundee Area Help!!

    I have had the same experience with Dundee Audi seems to me unless you have bought a car or two from them and are not a valued customer you get treated like a leper! You might want to speak to broads he is one of the many oracles on here.
  8. MarkMS3

    Armrest catching handbrake...

    Mine has a sweet spot when i lower it right down then lift maybe a half centimetre or so then push down it locks just high enough to miss the handbrake
  9. MarkMS3

    Absolutely devastated

    If your bumper is not cracked in any way? then you should be £200-£300 quid like RedDejavu says, I recently had a guy come across my nearside front trying to get into a parking space in front of me, and the guy I took it to took any defects out with a bit of heat and re sprayed it no problem the...
  10. MarkMS3


    Also when you are underneath have a check around the oil filter could just be that when it was serviced it may not have been tighted enough and may have slackened off, any way mate I hope it is an easy fix!
  11. MarkMS3


    best thing you can do mate that way you get a good look and the source will be a lot easier to trace, especially if there is no sign from above it must be on the side or bottom of your engine but either way you will see it underneath.
  12. MarkMS3


    not too sure without having a look but could be a cracked sump (quite unlikely), failed sump gasket or maybe just a slack drain plug but without a doubt the oil is going somewhere. Is there any oil under the car when you leave it parked up? (but if you have a belly pan it could hide the worst...
  13. MarkMS3


    The best thing you can do is have a look from underneath and see any tell tale sign as to were it may be coming from, this will prob involve taking the belly pan off if your car has one to get good access and a good view.
  14. MarkMS3


    be nothing to do with that as your oil and coolant are 2 different systems and should never interact unless your head gasket has gone. Has your oil filler cap got a white or creamy scum on it? I had a similar problem turned out to be a breather pipe but oil could be seen clearly on the right...
  15. MarkMS3

    Some pricing that doesn't seem to add up?

    When phoning round to get my timing belt done on my S3 I was quoted the best part of £800 from a stealer for "timing belt and water pump " but on another occasion I asked how much it would be to get the "water pump done and the timing belt" and I was quoted just shy of £500. I could be missing...
  16. MarkMS3

    S3 I might be buying tomorrow....thoughts....?

    be like most thing from my experience working out of Aberdeen (Oil=Money) so they charge a bit of a premium for most things and they know people will pay! every other car when I drive to Dyce is an Audi, BMW etc probably worth having a look at the one in Dundee as well they might knock a bit...
  17. MarkMS3

    Really want to get an RS3 but unsure!!!

    I am always checking Dundee, Perth and Aberdeen Audi's stock so I can take one for a test drive I know for a fact it would seal the deal! I was just a bit put off with the fact there are already quite a few for sale and only barely run in but I suppose they may not be everyone's cup of tea. I...
  18. MarkMS3

    Really want to get an RS3 but unsure!!!

    Hello all, Right I really want to sell my 8P2 S3 and get a Suzuka Grey RS3 but the only thing I am wary of the fact there seem to be a lot of fairly new low millage RS3's up for sale which makes me think is there a common reason people are letting go what I can only imagine is a fantastic car...
  19. MarkMS3

    snapped connector from break wear indicator on the car wire loom is it fixable?

    I am aware its is a strip of wire embedded into to the brake pad that completes a circuit when the pads wear down low enough,but I'm sure that will just cause the brake light on the dash to illuminate? As you were talking about a sensor I thought you were meaning the ABS sensor which is fine. I...
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