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  1. dean_watford

    2.0 TDI 170 / Head Gasket Advice

    This was what i said to my brother - although the gasket obviously seperates water, oil and gases. It is possible for a gasket to split between an oil component and the outer seal but that seems very rare.... ....the mechanic also said that this was common on these engines - which again made...
  2. dean_watford

    2.0 TDI 170 / Head Gasket Advice

    Hi, Just wanted some quick advice from anyone who has had a head gasket fail on the 2.0 TDI 170 engine. My brother has a Golf GT 170 and was about to get it mapped when the mechanic noticed oil on the undertray. (He wanted to map to remove the DPF as this is also failing) The mechanic has...
  3. dean_watford


    Hi, What is it? 3.2 or 2.0T? Wheels Panel Filter Radio Upgrade HID Xenons Black Edition Grille Chrome Tail Pipe Covers Revo 1
  4. dean_watford

    Tyres noise on 19" tyres HELP!

    Not sure if it helps you much but I went from Conti Sport 2's on 225/40/18s to the 452's and didn't notice any difference in road noise so I don't think they are a particularly noisy tyre.
  5. dean_watford

    Audi TT Mk 1 Thoughts

    I think you are making a wise choice. As previously said the Cambelt / Water Pump you shoudl check for. Std is 60k or 5 years for change (I think - this was for 2.0T) (consider this if you find any low milers over 5 years), but the Water Pump does not have to be done so check it has...
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    S3 MY12 Panther Build thread: The End; it's been emotional!

    V nice car - the 19"s look spot on!
  7. dean_watford

    Did I get a good deal?

    I always think the answer to that question is, "Do you feel like you got a good deal?" because that is all that matters....:sm4:
  8. dean_watford

    Part number for Black edition/black optics grille for mk2 Audi TT

    I don't know but does this thread help at all - TTRS Black Grill |
  9. dean_watford

    57 TT 2.0TFSI Alloys & TPMS

    Hi, Just bought a 57-Plate 2.0T TT Sport which has the std 17" Trapez wheels with 225/50/17 tyres on them. I understand these to be 8J wheels with a E47 Offset. Am looking to change them to 19" wheels but have read conflicting info regarding wheel size, tyres and offset. Anyone know the...
  10. dean_watford

    How much has your insurance gone up when you've declared mods?

    A lot of the comparision websites (gocomare for example) lets you declare mods to play with the quote engine (use a fake phone#) to see how they affect. In the last 6 years I have seen the increase with a chip come down a lot - mainly due to TDI people chipping more. Revo 1 adds less than £30...
  11. dean_watford

    A3 going....Sad but Happy

    ...and I think a 2 seater sends a VERY clear message to my Mrs about kids.....:icon_thumright:
  12. dean_watford

    A3 going....Sad but Happy

    Yeah - I know with my Renault background I start hearing "expensive" noises at anything over 60k..... :o)
  13. dean_watford

    A3 going....Sad but Happy

    Very reassuring comments there guys!! I knew I'd made the right choice :shrug: The mileage and deal was just too appealing - 15 to 20k a year now so a low miler really helps my pocket. First things first: Supagard Revo Stage 1 Forge DV Valve BDM Induction 19 RS Wheels ...then maybe a Miltek...
  14. dean_watford

    A3 going....Sad but Happy

    Came across a 2.0T TT Roadster at a Main Dealer for a mere £14k - with just 16,000 miles on it. Lovely spec - Leather, Electric heated seats, Cruise, Parking etc and have decided to buy it.... Means my lovely A3 2.0T quattro is going but at 67,000 feel its time for a change. Getting some jip...
  15. dean_watford

    Clutch Problem....

    So been to Silverstone for the last few days so lots of heavy queuing traffic..... Coming away tonight noticed that it was getting a bit hard to get into 1st, 2nd etc.... Then the clutch pedal started to not come back to the top. Did this while in the queuing traffic and had to drive it...
  16. dean_watford

    Sick 2.0T/ Fiesta Power / Flat 4 Sound

    So after putting my back out at the weekend and sitting in the dentists chair for hour and a half today the engine light starts to flash on the M25. Next power.... First reaction is to look in the mirror...nope, no black smoke :happy: thank **** for that!! So I slow it down (not...
  17. dean_watford

    In a hole.....

  18. dean_watford

    In a hole.....

    No arguments with that... Mate: 330d - New Turbo, new cooler. new box, new torque convertor Parents: X3 2.0d - New Turbo, new cooler. all round springs, new flywheel & belts Mate: 320d - New cooler, w pump & belts All above under 3 years & warranty.....
  19. dean_watford

    S3 8P3 = DRL

    When I get in my '06 8P...first thing I do......TURN ON THE FULL LIGHTS!! Why....habit from the bike. See and be SEEN!!
  20. dean_watford

    In a hole.....

    So, the price of petrol is a bit :-(..... Got some £££ to spend and went and drove a 123d M, and a 330d M today.... ....oh and they are nice cars but where near as nice as my 2.0T Quattro!!. Should I just stick with it till 100k....Everytime I get in her she makes me :-)!! I just...