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  1. ToadConsulting

    Help Please S4 Avant B8 stolen last night

    This is starting to feel like 1 a month just on this forum! Sorry to hear this bud...
  2. ToadConsulting

    How do you get your bike in your car ??

    I only use fork mounted for the roof and never in 20yrs ever had a problem regardless how I drive, also locked on. Mate of mine had a similar thing for his boot so you could look at that option to bring some order.
  3. ToadConsulting

    Bike roof rack to fit official Audi A4 Avant roofbars

    Do you not just need the T adapters or something?
  4. ToadConsulting

    Moving into the S4 Fold

    Pretty much spot on - any signs of miss use etc. I will be putting mine up for sale again soon (had to put on hold in May as want to buy my new car first and work has got in my car Search way) - black has diff etc so keep an eye out
  5. ToadConsulting

    Roof Bars Avant/Saloon

    The Avant has roof rails so will be a different fitment at the end... Probably best to look at Thule etc
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    Sat nav

    Yes please is possible I believe I've been meaning to get mine unlocked so the dvd can come out so I can update the maps. You will probably have to upgrade the software to latest version as well.
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    B8 S4 and s-line front bumpers, are the grills the same size?

    Well I put an S-Line grill on my S4 so should be fine!
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    Music from Usb drive

    What format is the music?
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    S4 B8 DSG judder

    About 1500 notes. Mine came with a 3yr Sytner warranty who covered the cost - but as the gearbox was out I had few other bits done as I basically only had to pay for parts just to be on the safe side
  10. ToadConsulting

    S4 B8 DSG judder

    It was either first or second and yeah has been sweet as a nut since... I did not hang around getting it fixed so can't comment on the getting worse bit
  11. ToadConsulting

    S4 B8 DSG judder

    Sounds like mine when I had to have the clutch pack replaced.
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    Sports diff on B8.5 S4

    Yup - Def has diff
  13. ToadConsulting

    Sports diff on B8.5 S4

    I have one sitting outside though mine is B8, not sure I have ever seen 8.5. BMW who I bought it from had no idea initially mine had the diff option
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    Wanted B8.5 S4 avant

    I ca recommend the titan boot cover and guardsman dog guard for fit/use... What I've got in mine.
  15. ToadConsulting

    Wanted B8.5 S4 avant

    Live just down the road from there, may well have to pop down myself over the summer Will miss the Quattro, have pondered S3 in my quest to down size a bit and get something newer... I do worry if I got a 140 the wife will end up in a ditch come winter haha
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    Wanted B8.5 S4 avant

    Nothing else takes your fancy?? I drove C63 estate a while back... The sound almost made me part with the cash there and then!
  17. ToadConsulting

    For Sale 2011 S4 Avant - Sports Diff, Drive Select....

    Hi all. More pics below... I was planning to have the alloys refurbished but never got round to it. Last MOT was in January... Flew through with only a comment on tyres which I had done with the recent service.
  18. ToadConsulting

    Wanted B8.5 S4 avant

    Took me a while to find mine with drive select and diff option - the sunroof was a bonus. I really wanted white or silver but no chance so had to go with black. I had to go with B8 as it was impossible at the time for B8.5 (and a significant chunk of change extra for 1yr younger at the time)...
  19. ToadConsulting

    Wanted B8.5 S4 avant

    What Kind of budget and colour?