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  1. sting3rr

    A3 major or interim service?

    Hi, my 58 plate a3 1.8t is telling me it needs a service in 2 days or 3000 miles. Went to book it in with audi and apparently it will cost £309 i was expecting it to be £159. How do you tell which service it actually needs, and what does the major give you for double the price? According to the...
  2. sting3rr

    RNS-E mp3 help

    This is the answer. Converted them all to 256kbs, even the lower bit rate ones, and now they all play. Just wish i could find a decent (free) program to convert them with, i got some free thing which only lets you do one track at a time, you cant just load all mp3's and press convert.
  3. sting3rr

    Talk me out of it!

    Definitley Range Rover. So much more for your money, its pretty fast, very comfortable and very high status.
  4. sting3rr

    RNS-E mp3 help

    Its a mk1 made in 2009 with chrome knobs. Using 2GB SD card. Have tried removing hyphens etc from file names- doesnt make a difference. Im not sure how to "structure" it, does that mean the files need to be in folders, as i have a few albums in folders, then about 50 songs not in folders just...
  5. sting3rr

    RNS-E mp3 help

    Tried all of those except a different card reader, not sure if that could be the issue. But i strongly doubt its a problem with the reader otherwise cd albums and downloaded albums wouldnt play with 100% success like they do. I suspect more likely is a problem with the ID of the file, or the...
  6. sting3rr

    RNS-E mp3 help

    No, never used itunes. All from youtube, all are mp3.
  7. sting3rr

    RNS-E mp3 help

    I have a problem with mp3's which i cant make any sense of. When i transfer my downloaded files onto the sd card, they all appear on the rns-e but originally only about 85% would play, it would skip past the others. I have tried different file names etc and dont think its that. Whats weird is i...
  8. sting3rr

    Has the S3 8P had it's day??

    I would consider buying an 8P3 S3 in just over a year, but the fact that the new one is coming out does make me wonder. As much as i love the look of the s3 and think the interior is perfect, it would be kind of annoying to have bought the top of the range car and it be an old model with plenty...
  9. sting3rr

    Leaked Official 2013 Audi A3 Photos

    Looks alright from the outside, but the dashboard looks terrible compared to the existing set up with the sat nav built in.
  10. sting3rr

    S3 Pedal Question

    looked at these a while ago thought they wouldnt fit, might have to get a set in that case.
  11. sting3rr

    do different engines use same clutch/gearbox?

    Out of interest, do the 1.4, 1.8 and 2.0 tfsi engines all use the same? I've been unable to find an answer to this anywhere.
  12. sting3rr

    New mod - not planned

    Looks good, surely you arent leaving the s3 badge on the front though? Really like how it looks with the private plate, does it mean anything or just random?
  13. sting3rr


    Fitted them today, here is a picture They look a tiny bit brighter in real life- you can read the plate, but they look nothing like helifellas for some reason. No glow at all.
  14. sting3rr

    Show how dirty your car is...

    same problem, hose is frozen and car is caked in salt and hard spots from the ice and snow that was on it. Dont know whether to defrost the hose and try to wash it tomorrow or hold out and hope it warms up soon!
  15. sting3rr

    F@?kin b@£&ard number plate lamp screws

    Just been trying to get them out myself, no luck. Edit: got them out and changed the bulbs, but the right hand one wont screw all the way back in. Sticking out about 2mm and its so tight and awkward angle that i cant turn it, its just rounding the head. Should be alright though?
  16. sting3rr


    Also think the wheels look terrible on an otherwise stunning car.
  17. sting3rr


    thanks, ordered.
  18. sting3rr


    cant decide between these and the LED's. These look good in Helifella's picture but in the original pics they dont look bright enough and look blue. Are the LED ones not too bright as they are only 2 smd?
  19. sting3rr


    There are people on here that can do it, but it wont be cheap. To make it pass the MOT you need headlight washers and auto levelling, which as far as i know requires buying a new bumper. As well as the actual lights, which seem to go on ebay for around £600.
  20. sting3rr

    premium floor mats

    Yeah thats front 2 only. Think the rubber ones are only about £25 for the front ones.