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  1. doeboy

    I'm home!

    Ha-ha! i will do once i get the rear arch repaired, i scraped it bigtiime on the day i had it. That said i meant to put her in to remove a small dent in the bumper so what a perfect excuse.... When i was younger it'd have screamed blue murder about it but now i just shrug my shoulders... anyway...
  2. doeboy

    I'm home!

    I used to own a A4 b5 2.8q then moved onto a lemon of a b5 S4, had my fingers burt on that pile of junk. Fast forward a few years and i've just paid cash for a 2006 S4 Cab practically mint with 12k on the clock, some rich exec's weekend car! I'm loving it as iknew i would. Can anyone link...
  3. doeboy

    Hate 0870 numbers????

    BTW there are a fair few telecoms companies that will give you a free 0845, 0870 number and pay you! you keep your existing number, then agree to have an 0870 number that pays you say, 3p per min, then give this number out to BT, British gas etc....your geographic number will still be usable by...
  4. doeboy

    Moral conundrum!

    He's a ******! The day he came to view mine he'd sold another Rs246 member a s4 avant that he'd clocked! and used some of the cash to buy mine!
  5. doeboy

    Moral conundrum!

    To shop or not to shop him?! Need some advice on this one. Basically to cut a long story short my s4 had been clocked in 2004 from 192k to god knows what, it shows 130k probably around 230k. Anyhow I did a check but it didn't show the mileage discrepancy so I went ahead with it. Within a week...
  6. doeboy

    raced a amd remapped s3 today

    What did you pay?
  7. doeboy

    Johnny Five is for sale!
  8. doeboy

    Your experiences with the police, good or bad?

    I don't have time for the police anymore i'm afraid not after all my bad experiences and that includes when i've not nothing wrong but been questioned! I'm an ordinary law abiding (usually) Middle class citizen, used to believe in the Police but now i dislike them. A little difficult as one...
  9. doeboy

    Roadrage! (From an OAP!!)

    :) mock call to 999 usually solves the issue in my experience. "Yes, Police please" "i'm being attacked by another motorist, i think he has a knife" "What? no he's just gone and i didn't get his registration"
  10. doeboy

    Britain=RAG ORDER

    You see I’m very cautious of the BNP and rightly so given their historical record. I personally don't think multiculturalism works don’t get me wrong it’s a great ideal, I’m not racist, but it's the reason why Asians go to live in an areas where other Asians live etc.. I would be willing...
  11. doeboy


    I f**king hate cyclists, in the same way i hate horses on the roads. You can seldom get past the buggers in the cities (Cyclists) They should all be on the pavement. A Cyclist's risk to a padestrian is less of that than a Car is to a cyclist!
  12. doeboy

    Britain=RAG ORDER

    It's only Voting for the best of a bad bunch IMO. The only real way to make a difference is stand yourself!
  13. doeboy

    Your experiences with the police, good or bad?

    My NIP from my first offence came through in 8 days or there abouts.
  14. doeboy

    Letter from the Police.. What next? Will I lose my license?? quite dawn, oh well.... HANDBAGS! get yer HANDBAGS!
  15. doeboy

    Nice start to the day !

    This one's important: Don't forget to remove the suction ring marks from your windscreen. An easy way for scrotes to target your car whether you've left it in the car or not. Most people i speak to remove the cradle but don't wipe off the marks.
  16. doeboy

    Watch out Black scooby cop car on m40

    Yea 3 and £60 fine. The Irony is i've had a clean licence for almost 10 years of driving and i've picked up 2 x 3 points in 4 months recently! I've been reading a book by a copper, it's called "wasting Police time" In his book he points out "Crime detections" basically a quota. I guess i was...
  17. doeboy

    R8,porcche,SLR V's Veyron

    Nope your all wrong! How about the Locus Plethore? Think it comes in 550 and 1300bhp. Taken from another site: "With 2500 lb for up to 1300 hp, the vehicle has the power to weight ratio of a Formula 1. HHT locus Technologies will hand make only 400 Plethore a year at a small factory at...
  18. doeboy

    Gotta get me one of these!
  19. doeboy

    Your experiences with the police, good or bad?

    What's your shop Jojo if you don't mind me asking? your only a short journey from me
  20. doeboy

    Your experiences with the police, good or bad?

    A Copper i know told me that there's a device that emits a frequency that only young people can hear. It's designed to make it uncomfortable and to pursuade youths to move on outside shops and trouble spots. He said it was based on the idea that after 30 or so most people loose their sensitivity...