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  1. bouncer--daz

    I feel really bad...

    any issues send him my way lol
  2. bouncer--daz

    My car been STOLEN

    if you want hired help to pay these guys a visit drop me a PM Sorry for your loss
  3. bouncer--daz

    Legal Metal Plates

    Im not sure if its possible to fit the metal plates without the surround... i guess you could use double sided tape or ruin them by drilling through... problem with that though is gettin the plates to run with the shape of the bumpers
  4. bouncer--daz

    Legal Metal Plates

    well i guess u just dont have any taste then lol
  5. bouncer--daz

    Legal Metal Plates

    lol.... when u get the surrounds you will see how to fit them with screws too the bumper and boot.... but you may want to use the double sided tape on the rear plate to fit the plate into the surround as with mine I have a sub in the boot and the base makes the plate vibrate in the surround.
  6. bouncer--daz

    My audi S3

    Im really liking those wheels....keep up the good work!
  7. bouncer--daz

    Legal Metal Plates

    heres mine:
  8. bouncer--daz

    Aero Rear Wiper (again!)

    what sort of cost are we looking at for this kit then? anyone got photos?
  9. bouncer--daz

    Legal Metal Plates

    you should of got the audi dealer surround.... looks mint!
  10. bouncer--daz

    what do u think?

    offer 8k
  11. bouncer--daz

    Legal Metal Plates

    i will also say the ervice is great from these guys.... i had my plates well over a year ago before they were being advertised as street legal... i just picked them that way. I also like the option of gettin the german audi dealership surround with them, which makes the plates easily...
  12. bouncer--daz

    Suspension advice for 1.8t sport

    Why would you want to use the Audi Sport springs? the kit comes as a whole set up that suits the car very well... i was happy with 30mm.... others want lower.... personal choice really. Highly recommend the kit! great for the money aswell... no fuss
  13. bouncer--daz

    Suspension advice for 1.8t sport

    I've got the weitec kit aswell 30mm all round & I would recommend it! Change your arb bushes and top mount bearings/rubbers at the same time while it's out. Trust me... Totally worth doing and minimal costs!
  14. bouncer--daz

    Starter Motor

    Hi guys Just wanting abit of advise... Ive got the common problem of the bushes going in my starter motor which in turn produces a very annoying 2 second squeel when I start up my car. Ive had the problem since buying the car 2 years ago but Im finally fed up with it and going to get round to...
  15. bouncer--daz

    Replacing the top mounts

    Yer i did mine when I put the new kit on.... was definately worth doing and the cost of the rubber mount and bearings are sod all even from a dealer. Might be worth gettin a garage to do it though forthe amount of work. Its alot easier when u have a ramp and for £20 for an hours work its worth it.
  16. bouncer--daz

    A3 TURBO .....

    shame about the colour and rear lights
  17. bouncer--daz

    New FK1 LED Tail Lights!

    Put those lights back on a corsa.... Not an audi!
  18. bouncer--daz

    The sagas of a new S3 owner!

    insurance companies have changed, they will pretty much repair any car if itsaves them paying out
  19. bouncer--daz

    Short Screeching Noise on Start Up

    starter motor bushes are going, my does it
  20. bouncer--daz

    My Audi S3 - new owner (w/pictures)

    I think the chrome mirrors definately suit the car... as for the calipers... black or graphite grey... no bright colours like red or yellow. I went black myself with hammerite... worked a treat!