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    Audi A3 8P Aftermarket Android Problems.

    Hey Dude, God it's been ages since I looked at the back of the unit ha! From what I remember there is a pin out on the bottom or top of the original stereo...
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    Dashcam positioning

    I've had my Koonlung K1s for nearly 2 years. Have both front and rear cameras mounted. After 2 months it got the common problem of the micro USB connection for the front camera, on the control box going faulty, the new ones come with a plastic block that holds all the cables in place...
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    Audi A3 8P Aftermarket Android Problems.

    I've got a Pumpkin one that works fine. It's the Concert II Style though, not the RNSE style. Using the Quadlock connector that came with it. Rear speakers work fine, you just have to make sure you've connected the amp trigger cable, as for some reason they have not done this in the quadlock...
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    Dynavin fitting

    I'd assume the Amp Turn should be connected to the trigger wire for the rear amp, but if you've got sound coming from the rears then who knows.
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    Pumpkin - Android double din

    I've got a Pumpkin branded one, but the other design. First, to make it worth while you need to install a custom rom straight away, have a look on the XDA forums. Second, for mine I had to modify the external microphone input (de-solder the original input and connect a new 2.5mm jack input on...
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    Audi A3 8p - factory fit phone cradle... power?

    For the rear speakers you'll need to adjust the fader. About 70-80% to rears does the trick for mine.
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    Having trouble resetting service reminder

    Worked it out in the end. Had to do a mileage based reset, which gave 11000 miles or 700 odd days, then a service reset (USA Only) which gave 10000 miles or 365 days
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    Having trouble resetting service reminder

    What are the 3 stages? Alsong with the SRI i've also tried this: 1998 and Newer: [Select] [17 - Instruments] [Adaptation - 10] Enter channel 02 [Read] The "Stored Value" is the current value for that channel. Enter the "New" value of 0 (zero) [Test] [Save]
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    Having trouble resetting service reminder

    Yeh that's what i've tried before. Doesn't work. When i pull it and hold, it flicks to oil service and resets that, not the service. If it makes a difference, his is a petrol, mine is diesel.
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    Having trouble resetting service reminder

    Had a service done on my car and my mechanic said he was having trouble resetting the service reminder. Had a go myself and am not having any luck. When the ignition is on, the service due warning comes up, the if i pull the right stick it says the service is overdue, then flicks over to the oil...
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    Rear Lights not fitting well?

    My one light pops out at the side when I tighten it up. I have to put it all in place, then whilst i'm tightening the bolt inside, I have to push the side of the light in. Ends up fitting flush after. Could give that a go.
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    Audi S3 8P - Grill painted/dipped/do it your self?

    Get the bumper off and there are clips all the way around the inside. Best to ask in the 8V section, but I would expect it to be the same setup.
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    Audi S3 8P - Grill painted/dipped/do it your self?

    Did mine with plastidip and vinyl. Removed the rings to keeps them chrome and removed the chrome around the outside so I could wrap it in gloss black vinyl. Plastidip about £15 off eBay and vinyl a boy £8 Also, it's been on the car for 12 months/12000 miles and is still perfect!
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    Help removing rear bumper / Nuts in holes

    I got a set of these to get to them:
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    No reversing light or parking sensors

    Shot in the dark, but when my reversing light and parking sensors (powered off the bulb) stopped working in the same way as yours, I had to wiggle a cable. It's inside by the gearbox. Had to take the gear surround off and put my hand down the left side of the gear stick. Couldn't see what wire...
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    Audi A3 Reverse Camera on a Chinese Stereo

    No idea sorry. I can tell you I was fiddling and my car stopped acknowledging that I'd put it in reverse, no reverse light, camera etc. Put my had down by the left side of the gear stick (took off the gear stick surround), wiggled the cables there and it started working again. Did take out my...
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    Need some who knows their electronics

    Ah yeah that makes sense. Thanks man
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    Need some who knows their electronics

    Amazing, thanks Ash! Got it working today. Think i'll be adding in another relay so the reverse camera always has priority. So if the front is on and I put it in reverse the image won't spaz! Thanks again, great help!
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    Need some who knows their electronics

    It works in my head haha. But to anyone else I expect it is...
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    Need some who knows their electronics

    Yep, that's it. I want to be able to press the switch I have and the head unit to auto switch to the reverse feed. I'll have a phono splitter for the reverse camera input on the head unit, so I can have the reverse camera and front camera connected to the one input. So say I turn the front...