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  1. Diazro

    Peripheral Camera Control Module Location - 360

    Hi Guys! Any information's regarding the location of the peripheral camera control module location? Keep getting intermittent faults on the cameras, random, so is not specific to one of the 4 cameras. Maybe I should check if the connection and the entry in the module is secure... :-(
  2. Diazro

    Timing belt change on A6 (C8)

    if you check "additional work for your Audi" in the my Audi app or desktop, it does say that now is at 140.000 miles
  3. Diazro

    No internet connection, key user locked ......

    If I remember correctly they sort out the issue from their end.....
  4. Diazro

    No internet connection, key user locked ......

    Yes ..all sorted you just need to speak with Audi connect via email, or phone! They sort out the issue for me
  5. Diazro

    No internet connection, key user locked ......

    I have internet now, but every now and again I am able to locate the car via the app but the car doesn't connect to the internet via google maps, news or weather. The solution I found that is working is to reset the MMI by holding the volume button till both screens goes black, switch off the...
  6. Diazro

    360 video cameras malfunction

    Hello! I came across this camera malfunction, now for over a year, and wondering if any of you had this issue? This is an intermittent problem, comes and goes, rather then static, but Audi dealer is unable to find a solution. I scanned the car, I have the obd error codes as I scan the car at...
  7. Diazro

    myAudi individual settings - ignore option??

    Anyone found a solution for this error with myAudi settings..... every time (or most of the time) when you start the engine?
  8. Diazro

    myAudi individual settings - ignore option??

    I have the same issues for nearly a year, all started after an update done by the dealer. I am in the middle to sort this one out over the email with Audi digital support. I tried two variants suggested by them but the problem still persist. Will keep you updated
  9. Diazro

    MIB 3 Infotainment System

    I have a C8 registered in UK in September 2020. Does my car has a MIB 3 or a MIB 2 infotainment system? How can you tell? Thank you
  10. Diazro

    OBDeleven video in motion + TPMS in dashboard

    Hi guys! Any of you used OBDeleven with credits to activate video in motion and TPMS in dashboard (tyre pressure). I am asking for a Audi A6 C8 2020 in UK
  11. Diazro

    Speed warning into Instrument Cluster OBD11

    I do not have traffic sigh recognition as part of my options but found this link on the audi shop and I asked if I can purchase now this and be installed or enabled in my car
  12. Diazro

    Speed warning into Instrument Cluster OBD11

    How did you managed to enable this option, I've asked Audi to pay extra for this function to enabled but they said that is impossible for my model.
  13. Diazro

    A6 MY22 Updates

    Apart from the inlay of fine grain ash natural grey/brown, also now unable to add a sunroof on the configuration. Glad I choose both this options for my C8 :thumbs up: Now you need a Vorsprung to have this features
  14. Diazro

    USB Compatibility

    I am using a USB C to SD card reader for storage of video and mp3. This is the link of the product:
  15. Diazro

    Rejecting a car before 6 months - any advice

    I've just returned from the Audi with an issue similar with yours. After an update in MMI I use to get this message like yours "The individual settings for your myAudi user have been updated. Would you like to apply these settings to the vehicle?". Very frustrating to apply or discard every...
  16. Diazro

    Dashcam install

    How much did Audi quote was the installation of the dashcam?
  17. Diazro

    Functions on demand

    it is a new feature present maybe only in the models build from 2020, where you can purchase new features to your car. this system is only available for the etron cars in UK, but across the continent Germany and Belgium this function is available. You should have it in your myAudi app. Check...
  18. Diazro

    Functions on demand

    What functions on demand do you have available for your car if you are not in UK as the service is not available yet over here?? . I understand that the service exist in Germany and Belgium
  19. Diazro

    Music from SD card

    That's the program I use as well, very good one, good details but just the album art is not visible in all songs. Didn't had this issue in the previous Audi C7
  20. Diazro

    Sat Nav issues

    use the google from the sat nav, just click the "G" sign on the satellite navigation when you search for a address and use this instead. I find it easier to find address in UK