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  1. creechy

    B5 strut bars

    You just need to shorten and redrill the aluminium A6 bar. You can't really see it once installed by I think it's a worthwhile mod.
  2. creechy

    tqs budget track day car

    Good to know that it'll all fit in, I better start shopping.
  3. creechy

    tqs budget track day car

    So just a silicone pipe off the turbo cold side outlet. Are you still running the electric fan behind the radiator, mine's still got the air con so I think I'd be limited for space.
  4. creechy

    tqs budget track day car

    K04 064, still got mine in the shed. Maybe I should get it fitted. Can I have some details on downpipe, oil lines etc.
  5. creechy

    Full factory bi xenon retrofit

    Kufatec sell a wiring harness for the self leveling headlamps. Item number 33862-1.
  6. creechy

    Will a TQS exhaust fit on a 1.8T FWD

    No, it's completely different.
  7. creechy

    tqs budget track day car

    I"ve got B6 upright"s on mine, it"s lowered it 10 to 15mm but not pushed the wheels out. Have you got two sets of mounting holes for the control arms on the subframe.
  8. creechy

    A4 b5 15mm spaces help!!!!

    I've converted mine to the A6/100 hubs and still had the same problem. I've used 10mm Bimecc spacers off ebay and still had to do a bit off machining to get them to fit properly. The disc mounting diameter was reduced from 68mm to 65mm to allow TTS disc's to be used with S4 calipers and RS4...
  9. creechy

    Brads A4 2.0 TQS build thread

    Nice car Brad, look forward to reading about its progress. TTE 420 or even 480 in the
  10. creechy

    Gearbox swop

    Would the box from the B6 have the VSS for the speedo drive.
  11. creechy

    Facelift Headlight Reflector Removel

    Sorted, they just unscrew.
  12. creechy

    Facelift Headlight Reflector Removel

    Anybody know how to remove the upper adjusters from the reflector assembly ( ball and socket ). Didn't want to risk breaking something with too much force.
  13. creechy

    312mm please help think I have screwed up

    Hello mate, you've probably got the later B6/7 carriers that are the wider bolt spacing. I swapped over to these when I changed my uprights to the alloy B6 type. I wouldn't worry to much about the retaining screw,mine have never had one. Just use the plastic screw in thing "in the jack box" to...
  14. creechy

    Building a 350-375 bhp Bex

    Ko4 064 off an S3 tfsi would get you up to around 350bhp with supporting mods.
  15. creechy

    Suspension Top Mounts

    Look in the parts database in sticky threads. It's below the eBay and picture threads, should be able to find them there.
  16. creechy

    Single Alloy wheel refurb in the Epsom or Surrey area?

    Premier Wheel Repairs in Redhill. They have a website.
  17. creechy

    Breaking an S4

    From memory I think it has a TTV smf and an S4 clutch. Milltek exhaust and matching cat. If it's got the Neuspeed rear arb and you're not using it can I make you an offer.
  18. creechy

    bolt's for back plates quattro

    The 312's sat quite snug in the 288mm shields.
  19. creechy

    Today's dyno results

    I got mine through American eBay, just Google for an image. Probably works out quite expensive now with the exchange rate but it's very well made.