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  1. soldier4313

    Po299 fault with Oil Pressure warning ???

    Is the HeX drive an easy fix?
  2. soldier4313

    Po299 fault with Oil Pressure warning ???

    Today while driving my car started flashing up Oil Pressure and then went into limp mode, on a quick scan it flagged up “Turbocharger/Supercharger “A” underboost condition” It also makes a weird clicking noise while running like the sound of a solenoid/relay. I’ve added a few pics, it’s...
  3. soldier4313

    Audi A4 B7 turbo actuator part number

    Does anyone know the part number for the turbo actuator
  4. soldier4313

    Is it the clutch ?

    Does anyone have any advice on what I can check to see if any of the following parts above have gone?
  5. soldier4313

    Is it the clutch ?

    Thanks for the comments, not being very mechanically minded is there a few simple/easy things I can check my myself to fault find, it’s going into my local garage on Monday for him to give it a once over so having a little bit of an understanding of what it could be would help me.
  6. soldier4313

    Is it the clutch ?

    So it’s 2.0 tdi special edition 170 bhp 2wd with 130k on the clock, Pedal goes right to the floor, the gear stick goes into all gear but when released the gears don’t engage
  7. soldier4313

    Is it the clutch ?

    So I've just bought the car below back from a work colleague. I owned the car around 4 years ago and it was immaculate and when I found out it was just sat waisting away I offered him £500 for it and he said yes, he has let it sit for around 8 months with what he said is a knackered clutch. I...
  8. soldier4313

    Has my clutch gone?

    So today my b7 2.0tdi 170 fwd lost complete power on the motor way, the aa came and told me the clutch may have gone. when I dip the clutch there is no bite when releasing and I can put the car in all the gears without dipping the clutch with the odd noise sounding like crunching gears but no...
  9. soldier4313


    Had this on mine last week the wires going between the car and the door were broke, had to reconnect them and all was fixed....
  10. soldier4313

    Best way to add pictures?

    whats the best way to add pictures? I used to use photobucket. Is there a simpler way as I can’t add from my iPhone.
  11. soldier4313

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    So today was a fuel, air and pollen filter change and managed to snap the dipstick. A trip to my local German Audi garage and one ordered for €5 and also picked up a filter housing removal tool from my local Garage for €9 so oil change tomorrow before the TUV (German MOT). Fingers crossed
  12. soldier4313

    Aux belt tensioner part number

    Does anyone know the part number for the Aux belt tensioner for my motor. It’s a 52 plate 1.9tdi 130bhp Avant I keep searching but I keep getting different parts. Please help
  13. soldier4313

    New B6 owner

    Hit the 200,000 mile point today
  14. soldier4313

    Engine wining on turning and full lock....

    Don’t suppose you have the link to where you got them from? Mines just hit 200k
  15. soldier4313

    Engine wining on turning and full lock....

    The sound disappears once you put revs on and comes straight back when you take your foot off the accelerator. It sounds like a fanbelt screeching........ especially when on full lock
  16. soldier4313

    Engine wining on turning and full lock....

    When my motor is on idle it’s very clunky but as soon as I give a little accelerator it goes, also when turning (especially full lock) it’s very noisy like a loud rattle. Any ideas?
  17. soldier4313

    Q5 Black optics pack???

    So last year I decided to change my decisions and buy a Skoda Kodiaq, before everyone shoots me down this car is amazing by far the best car I have ever owned apart from one problem the badge!!!! So, I’ve decided to go back to Audi and buy a Q5. I live out on Germany and get my cars tax free...
  18. soldier4313

    New B6 owner

    Back again, I seem to be going back in time with my Audi’s. I’ve just bought a B6 1.9tdi Avant as a run around out here in Germany. Looking through past photos of cars I actually realised I’ve owned pretty much all A4 Avants apart from the B5. Got my little B5 for €100 Euro with 199k on the...
  19. soldier4313

    New car ordered

    So the time has come to get a new car and it's been a tough decision considering my last 7 cars have all been Audi's. So for those that know about being based in Germany we get our cars tax free plus Audi give another 10% discount so 30% discount which is a fair bit. So only having to pay...
  20. soldier4313

    strange sound when stearing at low speed

    I have just removed my winter tyres and I had the same rubbing sound, but it was only on full lock. I looked at everything and in the end gave up now my summer wheels are back on and the sound has gone