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  1. Badger-a-s

    Wanted Audi Concert for A3 2010-ish

    The radio arrived! It's immaculate! I'll try and fit it this weekend. Thank you so much.
  2. Badger-a-s

    Wanted Audi Concert for A3 2010-ish

    That's brilliant mate, didn't think for one minute it would have the code, I was looking online for unlock services today! Bonus!!!!!
  3. Badger-a-s

    Wanted Audi Concert for A3 2010-ish

    Really appreciate it. You didn't send it 1st class or recorded did you? I would have been quite happy with standard 2nd class! Thanks for taking the time out to do it.
  4. Badger-a-s

    Wanted Audi Concert for A3 2010-ish

    The knobs are OK on mine, I need TONE etc and the surround. I'm sure I can make one good one out of the pair. Cheers
  5. Badger-a-s

    Wanted Audi Concert for A3 2010-ish

    Thanks for replying Lee. As my current Concert is still working and I only need spare bits I'd probably be low-balling you. I let a working one go on ebay this weekend when it reached £18 (+£5 P&P). I wouldn't want to offend you by going too low. If you're anywhere near that then let me know...
  6. Badger-a-s

    Wanted Audi Concert for A3 2010-ish

    Ideally I'm after a faulty unit in A condition to rob for spares. My car airfreshener was hanging from my phone holder and where it came into contact with my head unit all the black paint has bubbled and peeled. It's on 2 buttons and the surround. A working unit is also fine if the price is...
  7. Badger-a-s

    Airbag warning light after glovebox removal!?

    If the jet gets blocked the pressure builds up and the seal fails, filling the internals with water. Open your rear hatch up and look for brown staining, like rusty water.
  8. Badger-a-s

    A3 8p creeking steering - any ideas?

    Nice post, thanks.
  9. Badger-a-s

    A3 8p creeking steering - any ideas?

    Mine is exactly the same, creaking on lock when slow or stationary. How do I check what this is? Shine a torch in the arch while someone goes lock to lock? Cheers.
  10. Badger-a-s

    2010 1.8 TFSI Dyno

    Not bad for a 2010 1.8 TFSI. New coil packs (Bosch - standard) New plugs (NGK - standard) K&N air filter Everything else stock.
  11. Badger-a-s


    Was it that easy? I think I need to do it too. Thanks.
  12. Badger-a-s

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    My little window triangles have bubbles too but they're not cheap to replace. I was thinking about rubbing them down and 3M gloss wrapping them
  13. Badger-a-s

    Rear Wiper motor caught on fire...

    Do you use Halfords screen wash? My washer jet blocked, back pressure built up, blew past the inner seal and soaked the control PCB. I had to replace the whole unit, about 65 quid. I conformally coated the PCB in the new one, just in case, and massively diluted my screen wash.
  14. Badger-a-s

    Audi A3 DIS with RS functionality

    So is the boost byte 000062?
  15. Badger-a-s

    Project Binky

    I only discovered it about 18 months ago. I binge watched it one rainy Sunday to catch up and I've been eagerly awaiting each episode ever since. Also been watching Jeff work on his Alfarrari over the last few months.
  16. Badger-a-s

    Which mods do insurance companies need to be notified off?

    I only have a non standard grille and I mentioned this to my insurance company and they seemed a bit confused that I would even mention something so trivial. I have read that anything that's different from how it left the factory has to be declared. Their thinking is that if any modification...
  17. Badger-a-s

    Project Binky

    Seen all the Binky's, best series on YouTube.
  18. Badger-a-s

    Dashboard Coding Question

    True. I'm just a bit @nal, I like to know why things are the way they are.