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  1. Chris93

    Haldex thump

    Were you able to reset the adaptations using OBD11 out of interest? I need to do this on mine as i have the same issue
  2. Chris93

    S1 Quattro decals on seats

    Hi All, Fairly new owner of a Daytona Grey S1 and loving it so far, included a picture! I have the super sports seats but not the Quattro pack and was wondering what size the Quattro decals on the back of the seats are and if you can buy them separately? Thanks
  3. Chris93

    What is my car worth?

    Hi all, after haggling with a dealer all weekend i have got no where! he wants to give me £4100 for my a3 which just isnt enough which leads me to want to know what i can get out of it if i sell privately, i have looked around the classifieds and cant find anything that similar with the same...
  4. Chris93

    RNSE removal

    Hi all, i may be part exing my car this weekend so want to try and get the rns-e out and put my old symphony one back in, aside from getting radio keys and pulling the unit out do i just take the plugs out the back and but them into the symphony? Thanks Chris
  5. Chris93

    Whining diff?

    Haha, if it was really that serious i dont think i would have done 10,000 miles of hard driving without the gearbox exploding or the noise becoming worse, dsg's are known for making all sorts of noises anyway think of it as character :p Chris
  6. Chris93

    Whining diff?

    Mine whines in 2nd and 3rd when it is upto temperature sometimes, sound a bit like a supercharger and its done it since i got it and not got any worse/better Chris
  7. Chris93

    Noodle's A3 2.0 T Sportback

    I am considering getting a new intake and looking at the p-flo, is it very noisy? do you notice it on part throttle and does it sounds good?!! Chris
  8. Chris93

    Mode Button

    It never did anything in my car until i got bluetooth installed Chris
  9. Chris93


    Ok thanks all :) Chris
  10. Chris93


    Hi all, i am trying to buy a twintake for my a3 2.0t, i have seen one from an s3 will this work with my car as i know the s3 has a different turbo? Thanks Chris
  11. Chris93

    MPG after remap 2.0 TFSI dsg

    I never really noticed any increase in mpg with my shark remap, a lot more power but economy seems the same, i can get around 38mpg on motorway cruise, the thing that did make a difference was going from 17 to 18 inch wheels, but the remap didnt seem to do much for economy Chris
  12. Chris93

    My Mauritious Blue S-Line Conversion

    Nice car mate! see you went for the 1.4, good choice as the 1.2 is a bit slow, looks great with the bi xenons aswell :) Chris
  13. Chris93

    interesting vid rs3 loses to bmw

    I love audi's and have always had them but the rs3 is not great and especially for £40,000 for a car with sporting pretensions all it has going for it is the outside looks and the engine, and that m135 is lovely!! i know what car i will be getting next :) Chris
  14. Chris93

    CAI on S-tronic S3

    I know the speed limit display is an option on there and i have it ticked but it still shows no speed limits so maybe i do need a new nav disc Chris
  15. Chris93

    CAI on S-tronic S3

    Oh ok, i am sure mine is a 2012 but maybe its worth an update as i would love that feature!! Also love the sound of the cai, does it increase the engine sound or just add the "darth vader" sound? Chris
  16. Chris93

    CAI on S-tronic S3

    Can i ask how you got the speed limit to show up on your sat nav as mine doesnt do that but the sat nav unit is identical? Chris
  17. Chris93

    tyre pressures

    Hello all, i am just wondering what pressure people are running for the 18 inch wheels on there a3's, i have been running higher pressures from the later facelift cars believing that would help my economy but i dont know if it is working or not really, can someone advise what pressures will help...
  18. Chris93

    Audi a3 sline T FSI 1.8 vs 2.0

    You wont find a lot of difference between a 2.0tfsi and an s3 especially on short trips, the 1.8 isn't that much better either unless you get a later model when they made it more efficient Chris
  19. Chris93

    DSG limiter action this morning..

    Mine also does this and it is not an s3, it almost feels like traction control but makes the sound of pop pop and no traction light, i have also noticed that when i put my foot down in second gear and the car wheelspins it will change up to 3rd on its own to try and stop the wheelspin, very...
  20. Chris93

    My A3 Build Thread

    Yep, i havent seen another in the colour and it looks great in person, sometime red/sometimes orange!! It has a nice silver/black interior aswell which goes well. It really is a lovely car, if only it was mine :unsure: Chris