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    I’d just remap the S3 - it’ll be like a new car for a while.
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    MTM box and engine longevity

    I did around 20k with it on, no issues.
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    You're safe - it turned out that wasnt true, it was only the negative equity on their VWFS PCP that tended to increase in size, not their Johnson.
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    I look once every few months (as a naughty BMW driver i'm not allowed on more often than that), and saw that old horror at the top of the threads! I really enjoyed my s3, but the number of people at the time who had decided it was the worst car ever made was hilarious! Also, Hi Jassy :)
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    Ah the halcyon days of 2015 when 73% of posts where "My S3 Handles so Bad I died 17 times on the same road lolz" or "I drove a Golf R and the handling is so amazing that Angels sang and my willy trebled in size".:happy:
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    Dealer appears to have lost my car?!

    I'm more likely to defend dealers than bash them as I work for one (not Audi), but my experience when owning an S3 was hilariously sheet. Highlights included: keeping me waiting for 2 hours before giving me a lift to the Wrong hire car company when my car broke. Audi UK came to rescue and moved...
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    Potential new S3 owner

    My S3 was significantly more to insure than my M135i or M235i...
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    RS6 replicas, shamefully they were from eBay, but served me well for almost 30k miles.

    RS6 replicas, shamefully they were from eBay, but served me well for almost 30k miles.
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    Broker dealer

    Well... if you read mine you would see that I was talking about brokers in general, not specifically the ones you quoted.
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    Broker dealer

    The "not giving you the v5" idiot brokers didn't know what to do if you wrote the car off and your insurance company asked for it so they could pay you out :) I believe (hope) they aren't still doing that nonsense!
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    Is your next car going to be Audi?

    I'd come back to Audi for an RS3 if it didnt have such a hilarious price. It's like some weird "Emporer's New Clothes"-Type experiment... "if we say it is worth fifty thousand english pounds, ze silly British will buy it. This will teach them for voting for brexit"...
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    Cancelled order

    If you think the dealer has any bearing on lead time then you're an actual lunatic.
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    I've been on here quite a while but ............

    Yep, well over a year to get one originally (hence a few people tried scalping them at silly prices) now you could factory order one in the same time as 1.0 Titanium, with most Stores probably having 5+ in stock each. If you do want one and can't find the spec you want steeve - drop me a pm...
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    I've been on here quite a while but ............

    Out of the cars you've listed, none are perfect, and two are hilariously expensive for what they are. As an aside, when I finally drove a Golf R it felt slightly better than a standard S3, but quite a bit worse than a coilovered one, a fraction more steering feel isn't worth putting up with...
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    Sad news...

    That's absolutely awful, but *** guys, if it happens to you - let them have the car!
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    Panroof issue with B&O and wind in cabin

    Anything to do with this, or def mic issue?
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    Thank you, goodbye and what's this worth?

    Most main dealers run away if it's the slightest bit modified. They also have a sales "process" that involves offering you Cap average for your car, full up for theirs plus Gap, supaguard divorce insurance and a toaster. I couldn't be ***** with going through all that too many times. The...
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    Thank you, goodbye and what's this worth?

    Went with the car dude.
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    Thank you, goodbye and what's this worth?£450.319163/ Mtm thing in classifieds, priced fairly - if someone buys it and it doesn't need tweaking they have a bargain, and even if it does they still save hugely over a new one.
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    Thank you, goodbye and what's this worth?

    After picking it up I parked in the services, couldnt find park (it's a button on the gearlever) forgot it had an old fashioned handbrake and rolled into tje kerb - no damage done thankfully! /confession