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  1. frankc

    For Sale A4 B6 isofix brackets

    Genuine Audi isofix brackets for B6 chassis complete with fixing screws and plastic guides for seat cushions. Will also fit other chassis, eg VW Passat - check part numbers at your own risk. Left isofix bracket 8E0 813 545 A Right isofix bracket 8E0 813 546 A £50 for the pair, posted...
  2. frankc

    V6 tdi poor start with smoke

    Duff coolant temperature sensors can make the ECU think the engine is colder or hotter than it actually is and affect fuelling. The injection pump has a small amount of compensation to timing adjustments it can make which is possibly why your engine seems ok when warm. The best thing to do...
  3. frankc

    V6 tdi poor start with smoke

    B6 2.5tdi V6 engines do indeed have a timing belt... and it's a tricky job getting the injection pump timing spot on after. It sounds very like your pump timing is out, if the failed to tighten injector feed pipes I would be surprised if they have spent the time setting the pump timing...
  4. frankc

    Rear Isofix Fitting Guide

    Had a couple of lads in the back before Christmas without complaints, the seat cushions cover the bracket ends enough so it's not uncomfortable. Frank
  5. frankc

    Rear Isofix Fitting Guide

    Yes that's the holes for the ISOfix bracket, they're present on both sides. B6 isofix brackets are handed - part numbers should be earlier in this thread but I've got them saved somewhere should you need them. Finished article - The bracket doesn't stick out as much as it looks in the pic...
  6. frankc

    DTC 01217 - driver side airbag igniter

    Just thought I'd put this up in case anyone else comes up against this. Had my airbag warning light pop up during the week, rather predictably less than two weeks before the MOT is due! VCDS scan gave - The RossTech wiki suggests either wiring or igniter itself being at fault. Searching...
  7. frankc

    A4 estate 2.5tdi V6 intercooler replacement?

    I believe the early 2.5tdi v6 had all alloy side mount intercoolers, could've been the late B5 or early B6. Chris @adamss is your man there!
  8. frankc

    How2: 2.5 TDI Injector replacement.

    Once you've taken the injector clamp out the injector should come out with a wiggle as all that's holding it in now is an O-ring further down the injector. If it's too oily to grip try screwing the diesel pipe back on a few turns and use that to give you some gentle leverage to get moving.
  9. frankc

    Crazy problem with rocker cover 2.5 Tdi 2004 A4

    No all done with the belt covers in place. The front plastic cover unclips to facilitate cambelt change, the rear metal cover you are fowling with the cam cover can only be removed after taking out all the cambelt and associated ancillaries.
  10. frankc

    Crazy problem with rocker cover 2.5 Tdi 2004 A4

    Ok, I think the trick is to try clear it over the injectors then rotate up towards the inlet manifold. Mine was also removed with the injector pipes in place but unbolted. They didn't help but also didn't hinder too much. I think once you've got the cover clear of the injectors you should be...
  11. frankc

    Crazy problem with rocker cover 2.5 Tdi 2004 A4

    As far as I remember you need to pull it up far enough at an angle towards the back of the engine to clear the injectors then you can get some backwards movement to clear the cambelt covers.
  12. frankc

    Oil leaks 2.5 TDI Engine

    Yes those grommets around the injector harden over time and don't seal well any more - I've got leaks on both banks of mine from them. Grommets are glued into the cam covers and aren't available separately, I'm looking for alternative methods of repair as replacements are in the 100's from Audi.
  13. frankc

    A friends A4 with a handful of issues

    What condition is the battery in? Spurious electrical problems can often be caused by dying batteries and the brake warning light ((!)) will often come on when cranking with a battery on its way out. Frank
  14. frankc

    VW servicing in Dundee

    Looking for recommendations for a good VW garage in Dundee, the in-laws have given up with Barnetts and are looking for a replacement. Thanks, Frank
  15. frankc

    New Guy - My poor V6tdi - What would YOU do??

    I believe most of the differences are in the heads - roller rockers instead of the original finger rockers which should help the cams last longer. Though the B series engines were supposed to have a revised injection pump that was less susceptible to the ecu failures that usually killer the...
  16. frankc

    New Guy - My poor V6tdi - What would YOU do??

    If it's a 2004 model it should have a 'B' series engine - BDH or similar not an AKE. Unless of course, like me, you've just found out a previous owner has stuck old bits in!
  17. frankc

    TMU's Glacier White B8.5 S4 - MRC Stage 2

    You're welcome! [emoji6]
  18. frankc

    2.5tdi tappets

    Thanks abyrne, I suspected that may be the case but the car's had a few previous owners so I don't know much history apart from what was supplied. The cams are pretty healthy from a visual inspection. The lifter for that rocker was broken but I didn't have time to get shots of it. Plan for...
  19. frankc

    2.5tdi tappets

    Morning all need a little help with a problem with my 2.5tdi. I've been chasing an oil leak for a while, finally traced it to the cam cover for the offside bank. While I had it off to check for damage and to re-seal it I discovered one of my rockers had been thrown off the hydraulic tappet and...
  20. frankc

    Aerial issue

    That's me out of ideas then! Good luck.