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  1. samuelh_888

    N75 Valve on S3 8PA 2007

    Yes, pretty sure it’s attached to the turbo.
  2. samuelh_888

    Help…. s3 8p won’t start after stalling earlier

    Cam position sensor, replace fprv at the same time.
  3. samuelh_888

    Misfire on s3 8p, Random multiple misfire / misfiring across all 4..

    If your swapped coils and the misfire moved then it’s likely the coils are breaking down. Maybe look at replacing the coils.
  4. samuelh_888

    Rare Whining noise S3 8P

    Likely the rear diff or drive shaft donut - more likely the diff. Get the diff oil changed at a specialise and use genuine VAG diff oil and see if that helps any.
  5. samuelh_888

    Clutch issue ??

    Sounds more like master cylinder than clutch. It’s hard to test if there is an air leak. It’s a fair job to replace it - get a local VAG specialist to take a look. Not a general mechanic, you need to see a specialist.
  6. samuelh_888

    Stage 2 Flywheel

    If it has a single mass flywheel (solid) the that is the cause of the heavy clutch and low bite point. I had a Spec clutch in mine and it was horrible between gears. Swapped to an RTS with SMF and it was much better but a little chatter noise. Personally I’d pass of I was looking at that.
  7. samuelh_888

    Needing a bit off help

    @ch1z64 - diff and haldex are very different. Only go factory oil. Get your oil and filter from Haldex Repairs.
  8. samuelh_888

    S3 8P power problem

    Spray some soapy water on it, see if it reacts.
  9. samuelh_888

    Intermittant MISFIRE?? Audi a3 1.4 TFSI 2010

    Sorry my bad, I was thinking S3 re cam belt - I should have read the title better!
  10. samuelh_888

    Intermittant MISFIRE?? Audi a3 1.4 TFSI 2010

    Injector cleaner is the work of the devil. It pushes more crap into the injector baskets so that will make the car run worse. You need to get your injectors ultrasonically cleaned and your plugs and coils replaced. Then get a compression test to check the head gasket hasn’t gone hence using...
  11. samuelh_888

    S3 8P power problem

    Idling issue will be PCV valve. It’s a cheap easy fix if the smoke test didn’t identify any leaks.
  12. samuelh_888

    Who has a toucan yellow A3

    Nice. And reviving a 13 year old post!
  13. samuelh_888

    S3 KWE - my build thread (it will be slow progress...)

    After 5 years of ownership, mods, pampering yet only 7,000 miles of driving I’ve sold the S3. It’s time to move on to something more convenient for carrying the family and a car I don’t mind driving or putting miles on (the S3 was a garage queen that was just looked after). I’m staying in the...
  14. samuelh_888

    Are quattros really this much slower? CR170 feels slower than my CR140 fwd? Both mapped

    No Quattros are not that much slower, a little heavier in the back but not slower, especially when comparing 170 to 220 bhp. Can you run a diagnostic check to see if there is any codes, this may also give a haldex error if it picks it up. was it slow before the remap?
  15. samuelh_888

    2.0 TFSI DSG boost/power problems.

    When was it mapped? Who mapped it? Was the car behaving like this before the map? Have you ran diagnostics and have any codes (what are the codes)?
  16. samuelh_888

    Electric windows / mirrors not working - but locks/unlocks

    Between the drivers door and the door jamb, the loom passes into the car body. Pull the rubber cover back and check that you don’t have any broken wires. It’s common for a wire to break and impact the door locks, windows (any window) or the mirrors.
  17. samuelh_888

    Valved quad exhaust system ? S3 8p

    Yeah possibly - sounds plausible.
  18. samuelh_888

    New to the 8P in need of a push in the right direction please :)

    I had 12mm spacers before changing my alloys - They are a bit too wide too. The most common mix is spacers is 8mm front and 10mm rear. Or it could be the other way round…
  19. samuelh_888

    New to the 8P in need of a push in the right direction please :)

    40mm should be fine. I think H&R springs take the car down 30mm. As for staggered size alloys don’t bother. If you’re going aftermarket rims then ET45 is perfect to fill the guards (18x8, 18x7.5). Any less than ET45 you’ll start getting guard rub issues - especially when loaded up.