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    RSQ3 PedalBox for RS Q3 (F3) 2020

    I also suspect the single turbo to be the root cause for this behaviour. As per my technical understanding a „tool“ like a PedalBox cannot help to improve this but I have read a lot positive feedback from drivers of different Audi models with similar throttle response issues. Thus, I wonder if...
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    RSQ3 PedalBox for RS Q3 (F3) 2020

    While driving in a city I want to be in D mode to avoid high revs and completely open exhaust flaps. When I push the gas pedal there is not much response. So I push the gas pedal more and more and suddenly the car accelerates brutal. It is said to have a better throttle respons with the...
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    RSQ3 PedalBox for RS Q3 (F3) 2020

    Hi all, Does anybody have some first hand experience with PedalBox in a 2020 RS Q3? I would like to have a more immediate throttle response in my 2020 RS Q3 and wonder if PedalBox could help also in this type of car (I read some positive feedback from owners of other Audis already). Thanks, Inka
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    Updated key [TTRS] fob

    Does anyone know if someone successfully updated to the TTRS key in RS Q3 (F3) from 2020?
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    RSQ3 TTRS Key for RSQ3 (F3) 2020

    Hi all, Have any of you successfully updated to the TTRS key in your RS Q3 (F3) 2020? I know that it works in a RS3 but for a RS Q3 I only found one guy who tried it. Itˋs all working fine except for opening the RS Q3 by comfort function. So I wonder if this is a general limitation or if...