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  1. martinivw

    For Sale S6/S7 (C7)- A8/S8 D4 356mm rear discs

    I bought a set of oem discs (I was assured they would fit, although a completely different part number) however, reality is , there not even close:( part number is 4H0615601P, 356x20mm will fit S6 & S7 (C7) and A8 /S8 (D4) I believe , please check part numbers first not like me lol cheap oem...
  2. martinivw

    Black window trim started to corrode

    Anyone else had to sort this issue ? The black trim around my Avant rear quarter window is starting to corrode , 1 bodyshop says trims come off real easy, other bodyshop is reluctant to remove it
  3. martinivw

    For Sale 9x20” wheels £400

    These genuine 9x20” Audi wheels (4E0601025AT) came originally fitted to the A8 they have an offset of (et46) the centre bore has been opened up to 66.6mm (by myself so I know these wheels are perfectly straight) these wheels were fitted to my A4 B8 Avant and fitted perfectly with no rubbing and...
  4. martinivw

    For Sale A3 8p ashtray (coin holder)

    A3 8p ashtray, in good condition aluminium (looks like fish scale) trim £15 delivered God knows why I removed this from my old A3,? should have left it in to hold coins I’ll post some pics tomorrow
  5. martinivw

    For Sale A4 B8 armrest

    Cloth A4 B8 armrest , brilliant condition , I bought this to have it re trimmed in alcantara, but sold my B8 before I had the chance , £30 delivered I’ll stick some pics on tomorrow
  6. martinivw

    Sold 2x SQ7 400x38mm brake discs

    As title says I have a pair of 400 x 38mm SQ7 Steel (drilled) brake discs for sale £350 for the pair located in Ayrshire (I will update pics later today ) Discs measuring 37.8mm so very little wear
  7. martinivw

    For Sale 034 Motorsport dog bone diesel mounts

    Found these in the lockup, 034 Motorsport density line dog one subframe bushes (for diesels) these were removed after less than 20miles and forgotten about :( suitable for all 8p platform cars £50 delivered SKU: 034-509-1009 Manufacturer: 034Motorsport We're proud to announce the...
  8. martinivw

    For Sale A4 B8 lower valance + insert for exhaust at both sides

    I bought this balance to fit my old car (A4 B8 Avant S-Line) it comes complete with the mesh insert so it’s ready to fit to your avant please double check part numbers for your vehicle Valance - 8K0 807 521 K Insert - 8K0 807 833B Looking to get around £150 in my hand for this plz :-) These...
  9. martinivw

    Sold A3 8p any other Mk5 platform Big Brake Kit

    I had these up for sale a while back for (I’ll be honest) too high a price , still not what I paid for them , however as I now have a different car these are of no use to me at all , I have a set of rear 4 pot R8 callipers complete with vagbremtechnik carriers to allow them to fit the front of...
  10. martinivw

    For Sale A4/5 B8 rubber mats f&r

    I have a set of genuine A5 B8 Rubber winter mats for sale, front and rears , there is no wear in the rubber and all 4 mats are in fantastic condition, just to confirm I had these mats fitted to my old A4 B8 avant (they have the same floor pan as the A5 apparently) all mats fitted it perfectly...
  11. martinivw

    Help Please Clunking drivers seat

    Hi, Does anyone else Drivers seat move slightly (clunk) when puling away / coming to a stop ? mine is really doing my head in. Car is 2013 sline avant :( Thanks Martin
  12. martinivw

    Xenon bulb replacement

    anyone have any good links for replacement Xenon bulbs (d3s) on my 2014 A4 (I'm waiting for Trups to get back to me) I'm not sure if they have to be bi xenon bulbs or not
  13. martinivw

    Help plz?

    Hi, I currently have check brake pads warning light on my A3 8p (original loom plug for pad warning had broken so I bridged the wire and all was fine for last 6-7years!) but now I have no brake warnings on vcds to clear , so not sure how to get rid of warning light ? Anyone got any ideas...
  14. martinivw

    Thank You NHN :-)

    I would just like to say thank you to Mr NHN for wiring in my new style airbag correctly my original steering wheel and airbag was showing every bit of its 159000 miles :,( Before: After
  15. martinivw

    Sportback front door window removal

    Hi I'm looking for any tips to replace both front door Windows on my Sportback, both door trims have badly scraped the glass in both doors, I have the new glass and door seals, someone told me I should change them myself whilst another told me it was a pig of a job ? Anyone have any experience...
  16. martinivw

    Sachs SRE Clutch

    Can anyone recommend a supplier for a Sachs SRE clutch kit including DMF for a 2006 BKD other than Darkside Developments? I do like the Darkside boys who ALWAYS help me out but I'd just like to have a look around first, a quick google brings up very little info, Cheers
  17. martinivw

    Electric Windows driving me mad !

    Hi all, this is a long shot but thought id ask any way, i have just changed the doorcards on my 2006 sportback (so they mach my new interior) and now i only have power windows in the drivers rear door, i Initially thought that i had damaged the looms when i was changing them over so i sent the...
  18. martinivw

    TT Subframe mount/bush

    Hi Guys, During some routine inspection on my 2006 A3 BKD I noticed that the rubber bush/mount in the subframe (the one the dogleg from gearbox bolts through) is starting to crack, does anyone know if the TT equivalent is solid or does it also have voids in it ?? Vibratechnics make one but as my...
  19. martinivw

    Zada-tech boost gauges

    Just found out about these boost gauges whilst googling for a boost gauge for my tdi ,Custom made oled gauges......... AWSOME Zada Tech site has excellent customer care :)
  20. martinivw

    Pipe from tandem pump :(

    Hi guys, anyone know what this pipe is for coming out of tandem pump? whilst removing egr cooler today I cought this pipe which separated at a joint and lost pressure, i have now lost turbo boost :( I don't know if its got anything to do with this or not:( any help appreciated :)