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    Sold Racingline Carbon Rear Brace 8V S3/RS3

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    Sold Racingline Carbon Rear Brace 8V S3/RS3

    Perfect condition Racingline carbon rear brace for 8V A3/S3/RS3 purchased early this year, still have original box and all fixtures and fittings present. Requirement for full through load again forces sale and will be a pain constantly removing and reinstalling otherwise. Great little mod for...
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    For Sale RS3 8V FL Wagner EVO3 intercooler + DP etc for stage 2

    Hi, interested in the Turbo elbow. How long has it been on the car?
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    For Sale Audi RS3 8V and 8v.2 Wagner EVO3 Competition Intercooler Kit non ACC and wagner downpipe

    Sorry, this is not related to the sale but how did you get the forge elbow to fit the 034? I have the same 034 system but it tapers to a 3" afaik and the forge is 3.5" ?