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    If you mean the leather gater, then yes , you keep the original one.
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    I put an 8v on my old 8l, direct replacement and came with a new ring clip.
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    Yeah fine, if you want some, niliano is selling the ones off my car as he is the new owner and changed them, pm him to see how much he wants.
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    Wheel Size

    Looking good buddy, don't forget you will need adjustable rear arms to bring the camber back in.
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    Please help :(

    Apparently ecp lamda's aren't up to much.
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    Please help :(

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    Headlight washer info or part number help

    8l o 955 615 = N/S and 8l o 955 616 = O/S. Made a note when I replaced my washer pump.
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    Wheel Size

    Hi Neil, imo 17 look lost in the huge S3 arches, 18's will look better.
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    Goodbye from me, for a while.

    Looking good in the pics buddy, enjoy the car and this site, stickies is a great place for info.
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    Goodbye from me, for a while.

    Forgot to mention, to quote that great actor Arnie, "I'll be back".
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    Goodbye from me, for a while.

    Thank you for your kind words people, yes I will probably mod it :-) I will post up a few pics when I've taken some. Cheers
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    Goodbye from me, for a while.

    You're all going to hate me, because the S3 has gone and I've got myself something completely different, Merc c 220cdi sport edition, nice comfy, economical and slow, but I guess it's more my age than the S3 (51), it's a little better than standard, Japan racing 18's, lowered on coilovers...
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    Badger5 tip

    Mikalor clamps.
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    BAM Plug change , any theatricals ?

    Blow out around the plug holes with airline, or suck out crud with a hoover before removal, stops bits falling into the cylinders.
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    2002 BAM S3 turbo pipe clips help

    Try some mikalor clamps, much stronger than jubilee clips, have a look on eBay.
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    DIY custom bumper and splitter project

    Just fit a replacement bumper and a Leon splitter , much easier I think and looks more oem.
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    S3 8L exhaust

    I think the a3q is smaller than the s3, which is 63mm I believe.
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    Lowering s3

    You will need adjustable link arms to pull the camber back into line, then have it all aligned properly.
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    A3 tdi (8l) Quattro

    Looks nice bud, I've seen mostly five door tdi Quattro's, not many three doors, much nicer I think, enjoy it.