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  1. ayfreetee

    Cleaning DPF

    You can buy proper dpf cleaner fluid, you block one end and fill it with the fluid, then leave it over night, then give it a good shake and tip it out, google it to find out where to buy it, there are a few videos on YouTube.
  2. ayfreetee

    DPF issue and more???

    Dpf pressure sensor is s common problem, very cheap, but I believe they need to be aligned with vcds.
  3. ayfreetee

    Clutch in to start?

    Yeah, it’s the cr engines from 2008 on that needs the clutch down, it’s good practice to do this anyway, because you separate the gearbox from the engine, so the starter motor doesn’t have to work so hard.
  4. ayfreetee

    2.0 TDI Limp mode/dpf

    The pressure sensor is a weak point, apparently, so changing it is a good idea, but it needs to be aligned with vcds I am told, try taking the car for a drive on a motorway, where you can keep the car at 3000 rpm for about twenty minutes, this will get the dpf hot enough to burn off the soot.
  5. ayfreetee

    EGR replaced, now losing coolant A3 2.0TDI

    I had a coolant loss on my tdi I couldn’t locate, so I tried some Prestone head and engine block repair, after much research, found it to have very good wright ups, it’s been in the car for three weeks now and I have had no coolant loss at all.
  6. ayfreetee

    Fault code P2011 - Intake Manifold Runner Control Open

    Audi4you in Bridgwater have a good reputation.