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  1. ayfreetee

    A3 TDI 170 won't rev past 3000RPM with no engine code?

    It’s possible that it only plays up under load.
  2. ayfreetee

    What badge can I fit? Can't find one ....

    According to the eBay sellers, these aftermarket grills do not fit the s line or s3 bumpers.
  3. ayfreetee

    Which Haldex GEN? 11/06 S3

    That’s the one I bought, be aware you may need a replacement filler plug as well, mine had the Allen key socket rounded off, I had to undo it with a hammer and chisel, also get yourself a syphon pump, to fill the unit I got one from Halfords for six quid.
  4. ayfreetee

    A3 TDI 170 won't rev past 3000RPM with no engine code?

    If the dpf is clogged you will get a light on the dash and a code, you can do a forced regen with vcds, not sure how though, try the tdi section on here for information, try unplugging your maff to see if there is any difference, if so then you’re maff is a problem, though you should have a...
  5. ayfreetee

    A3 TDI 170 won't rev past 3000RPM with no engine code?

    Check for boost leaks, intercooler hoses would be my first guess.
  6. ayfreetee

    Need help choosing my first car. A3 or A3Q? or BMW

    Ditto to that, nothing nicer inside for the money than an Audi, much more hard wearing, with superb quality materials and a damn sight more modern than the e46, good choice buddy, enjoy!
  7. ayfreetee

    Jetta GLI sde skirt on A3 8P project: should I continue?

    Get some good quality body tape to attach them, after all it’s what manufacturers use to fix body kits, plus it can be removed with a heat gun or hair dryer, they look really good, well done buddy.
  8. ayfreetee

    Need help choosing my first car. A3 or A3Q? or BMW

    Quattro will definitely be able to put the power down, rather than just spinning the tyres, bimmer engines aren’t that reliable, just like most cars, depends how they’ve been treated and maintained.
  9. ayfreetee

    Need help choosing my first car. A3 or A3Q? or BMW

    BMW interior is tacky and doesn’t wear very well, Audi is known for good interior trim, after all, that’s the bit you see and touch all the time.
  10. ayfreetee

    Is this definitely a quattro?

    Surely a quick look underneath would have saved some time though.
  11. ayfreetee

    2.0tdi egr valve fault and less MPG!

    Egr delete is now an mot failure on the new laws that started in may.
  12. ayfreetee

    Is this definitely a quattro?

    You could always have a look under the back to see if there is a rear differential, it will be pretty obvious tbh.
  13. ayfreetee

    Gears not engaging

    Sounds like a selector problem, 8l s used to have rivets snap and selector forks drop into the bottom of the box, usually first and second gear, you would do well to go back to whoever rebuilt your box and have them sort it out.
  14. ayfreetee

    Strange tyre wear? Thin black line around edges of tyres - is this normal?

    Anything you do to suspension or steering should always be done in pairs, besides, if one side has gon its a good chance the other won’t be far behind.
  15. ayfreetee

    A3 2.0 TDI starting problem..

    I would have to agree, this points to a wiring problem, possibly on the Lowe voltage side, could even be a problem with the ignition switch, probably earth related.
  16. ayfreetee

    DPF soot levels

    For it to self re gen, the dpf has to reach between 450-600 degrees Celsius, to do this, I found the best way is to drive at around 3000rpm for fifteen to twenty minutes, fourth gear at 70mph on a short motorway trip is best.
  17. ayfreetee

    Oil filter

    Best take the old one out to see which is correct. Buy both, then take the wrong one back, once you’ve fitted the correct one, is another option.
  18. ayfreetee

    Privacy Glass/tints or not???

    Yes, you won’t regret it.
  19. ayfreetee

    Badge holder

    Why not ask one of honeycomb grill sellers on eBay if the will sell you one separately?