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  1. samwalker

    Audi A5 2.0 TDI Issues

    Did you have the emissions fix done? I know other people who have complained after it has been done as the car started sounded worse and performance was worse
  2. samwalker

    Pros and cons of Remap

    All correct, hard to say without more details! Depends what remap you want as well, best performance, best economy etc. Pros and cons are pretty clear, it's also worth checking if your model has the best performance - I took the leap as my car (140 diesel) has almost identical parts to the 170...
  3. samwalker

    How is Audi reliability these days?

    My mums S reg A4 diesel went for over 200k before she sold it and we still saw it driving around after. I've had my 12 plate A3 diesel for 6 and a half years now and can't say I've had any major problems. Just that one rear caliper was sticking and needed replacing