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  1. davc

    Thoughts on this one (and moving from an FL5)

    I can't remember off the top of my head what SW version my car has (built Apr'22) but apart from the VC changing display occasionally, I'm probably quite lucky and was told so when I enquired about the dealer applying the latest version. They told me themselves that the software was rubbish and...
  2. davc

    8Y Saloon Boot Liner

    The rigid bootliner from the 8V saloon fits the 8Y as well. I swapped mine over along with the rubber mats when I traded my old car in.
  3. davc

    Mileage blockers

    Actually I don't vote as it's a waste of time and all you get is a Zionist Occupied Government anyway - two cheeks of the same ar*e supporting a genocidal regime. Politics aside - cars with this body kit generally do represent a certain group of people which is evident on quite a few youtube...
  4. davc

    Brake pads

    When enquiring about a set of Hawk pads for mine I was told the RS4/5 calipers are the same as the 8Y as well.
  5. davc

    Mileage blockers

    Are these cars not generally recognisable by the Maxton tat that a certain demographic fit to them?
  6. davc

    RHD all weather mates

    The 8V mats fit perfectly.
  7. davc

    Safety recall 97HO

    I got the letter today. Just been out to check and the plug is secure. What annoys me is that my car was in on the 19th Sep for several days and nothing was mentioned at the time. The car won't be back at the steelers for a long time unless it needs more warranty work as I get it serviced by a...
  8. davc

    Car insurance up !!

    I went with Aviva this time around - £640 compared to £511 last year. I tried Saga they wanted £1200 off me lol. The insurance industry is taking a hammering at the moment due to a number of factors - EV's, a certain medical experiment that was in some cases forced on the world's population...
  9. davc

    RS3 8Y General Discussion Thread.

    Exactly. Just like the TV detectors vans, put there to scare people.
  10. davc

    Spotted one tonight.

    Daytona Grey Sportback Boghall Rd B7056 on Sat just after 1pm. Reg D4R..... Maybe Daryl?
  11. davc

    Tyre Wear

    You can't. The front wheels are 9" 265/30/19 ET25 and the rears are 8" 245/35 ET46
  12. davc

    17” or 18” 8V wheels for 8Y RS3?

    The front wheel is ET25. I wouldn't worry about kerbing the front wheels - the 265/30 tyres provide ample rim protection. 18s would be tight if they fit. I wouldn't bother as you're changing the dynamics of the car and you would need to inform your insurance company.
  13. davc

    Tyre Wear

    Bridgestone after 6.5k miles - 3mm front and 4mm rear
  14. davc

    Cold start 'normal' behaviour or a Gremlin ?

    Mine is the same. I like to annoy my neighbours so I always start mine with the valves open and let it idle for a minute or so before I set off.
  15. davc

    Winter tires setup on stock wheels?

    Very nice. Would you mind posting a link to where I could get a set of these please?
  16. davc

    8Y RS3 Gremlins thread.

    My car decides to change the VC view intermittently and sometimes on startup it is completely blank for a moment. After 3k miles I have topped up the coolant twice so it appears I have the crappy water pump/thermostat issue. I have had a gearbox malfunction warning twice and the pre-sense...
  17. davc

    Audi OEM wheels for a winter set up

    That's a hell of a lot of money for a set of winter wheels. The front wheels will accept a 235/35/19 tyre no problem (8J-9.5J) although there won't be much rim protection.
  18. davc

    2 less for sale now………

    Definitely an inside job. If people on here can work that out I'm sure insurance company and CID will be all over him like a rash.
  19. davc

    Pandora / Ghost thread

    I agree. Spend the money on home security and buy GAP insurance. I wouldn't want my back if it was nicked. If I was in the market for such a device I would fit the Tracker S5 Plus with the driver tags. AFAIK it's still the only product on the market with VHF tracking which can be picked up...