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  1. ayfreetee

    New Member from Somerset

    Welcome bud, you lucky lad, cracking car the S5 , got to be blue though imo, I also live in Somerset, but no longer have my S3, or any audi come to that.
  2. ayfreetee

    New Member - Bristol

    Still looking fab there Neil.
  3. ayfreetee

    My new Le Mans

    Welcome, nice looking car you got there, don't think you want to open it up fully too often or you may not keep your licence for long, ha ha!
  4. ayfreetee

    New S3 Owner

    Welcome back bud, same storey for me, back in an Audi after a while away, I am also in an S3 too.
  5. ayfreetee

    Just bought my first Audi!

    The one thing Audis do better than anyone else is interiors, great design and stunning quality.
  6. ayfreetee

    New Member, B7 RS4 owner (possibly soon!)

    Welcome, I can't see how you couldn't like an RS4, they are SWEET!
  7. ayfreetee

    New happy member, finally!

    Welcome to the site, enjoy the site and the car.
  8. ayfreetee

    Immmmmmm Baaaaaaccccckkkkkk :-)

    Welcome back, glad you've seen the light and returned from the jap side.
  9. ayfreetee


    Welcome Buddy, enjoy!
  10. ayfreetee


    Audi is the future, welcome to the site.
  11. ayfreetee

    New owner

    Welcome, nice looking car with lots of grunt, I found that Audi are just a little bit better quality than VW, have you found this too?
  12. ayfreetee

    Im back from the Dub world.

    Thank you for the feedback, I hope to keep it for quite a few years.
  13. ayfreetee

    Im back from the Dub world.

    Here's the new ride, I need to raise the rear up, as it's a bit too low not to mention the camber.
  14. ayfreetee

    Just bought my first Audi!

    Fit a tuningbox or get it remapped for more grunt and even better fuel economy.
  15. ayfreetee

    Just bought me first s3

    Wow, your story is the same as mine, I too had an A3 1.8t a few years ago, I was thinking of a Type R, then decided to to get an S3, I didn't like the tacky interior of the Honda, or having the screem the engine to get the power, I would highly recommend a stage one Revo remap, gives a nice...
  16. ayfreetee

    Im back from the Dub world.

    Somerset, originally a London lad, been here for ten years and we love it.
  17. ayfreetee

    Potential S3 Owner

    Chris Knott and Adrian Flux are real experts in the field of performance/modified cars, get a quote from one. then play them off against each other, I do it every year, this year I got my renewal cut by £170, best of luck.
  18. ayfreetee

    Im back from the Dub world.

    No pics yet, only picked the car up last night, so it needs a clean, fit the rims and of course some daylight might help.
  19. ayfreetee

    hi everyone just brought my first audi

    Cracking looking car, I too used to be a Ford man, nothing but blue ovals for 25 years, the build qulity of the German cars just can't be matched imo, I had a few Fords over those years, 3.0 Capri's, Granada, XR4i, XR3i, ST200, ST170, great cars in their day, but no mach for modern VAG cars...
  20. ayfreetee

    Im back from the Dub world.

    I'm back after a few years with MK4 GTI Turbo, I return as a proud owner of a silver 2002 S3, I must say its great to be back, I just need to fit my black 19" RS 4 alloys to the S3 and I will be really happy, the Golf was good, but not a patch on the S3, or even quite as good as the A3 1.8 T...