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    Bonnet / Hood

    I think it does, but will someone confirm that a bonnet from a 2016 A3 fit the PFL RS3 please? Thanks.
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    Latest mod to my rs3 8v.2

    Maybe you are at the stage where you need to emigrate! Here is a pic of the price my local supermarket in France is charging for E85 this morning..!
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    Oh dear lord! RS3 is for Gangsta’s!!

    I lost track of the words half way through - what was their rap on the Boys in RS Focus..??
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    ****** pothole!!

    Just came back from the UK in the Audi and really did notice the proliferation of potholes - was the UK not promised a hefty amount in the election run up to fix all the potholes? Will this ever be reality..?
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    Audi rs3 best tyres

    I understand where he is coming from. We have recently had an overhaul in France of the CT (MoT) inspections, and now a car will be failed if the tyre deviates the slightest from manufacturer's spec. As an illustration, I have a little Skoda Felicia Pick Up for local use. Needs new tyres...
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    Oil catch can for facelift?

    As the engine has port injection, as well as direct, is a can really necessary..?
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    Wheel Spacers

    Are you by any chance considering new wheels at any stage? If you are, then specify an ET with 10mm less. This, on the face of it at least, will get around the legality issues. If you do get spacers, I echo the above: hubcentric only.
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    OBDeleven ?

    Too late! Just ordered!
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    OBDeleven ?

    Thanks again. Had a quick chat with them. It appears that the Pro features are not yet released for IOS, but they offer full support for basic features. saying it is safe to proceed and wait a little longer... I will be a bit peeved if they end up not offering the Pro features on IOS and end up...
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    OBDeleven ?

    Thanks! I believe that the OBD11 cannot do complicated coding that the VCDS does, but not a problem for me - anything out of the ordinary when it comes to electronics/computing - leave well alone:playful:. I do like the user friendly part of it too. I have a question out to OBD11 regarding...
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    OBDeleven ?

    I see more and more references to activation of features using the OBD11. For 'home' use, is it perhaps of age now and better to have than a VCDS? What are users' thoughts? I bought a VCDS cable with three VIN use not giving the future much thought. Lent it to a friend who used a VIN and now...
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    200 cell sports cat

    I have the Scorpion 'sports' decats and DP. To be honest, I think the sound is more noticeable than standard, but possibly a bit tinny alongside the Miltek. I do not know how much extra power the DP and cats will give on their own as I installed them as a package with an air intack, intercooler...
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    'out of synch' rear indicators?

    Thanks! Tacky? I know what you mean, but many cars are now emulating the Audi (I say Audi - were they the first?) sweeping lights that the pace car ones yesterday caught my eye as different. I have never seen them before but I see now from the tinternet they were as you say, a popular mod. And...
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    'out of synch' rear indicators?

    Sitting behind quite a smart Golf this afternoon, she put on her LH indicator where the inside light on the tailgate and outside indicator light on the wing flashed out of synch with each other (is the best way I can describe it). I thought looked much cooler than sweeping lights... Anyone know...
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    anyones old silver rs3 ( oe16 pbz)

    I would not necessarily be put off by the number of owners. There are a lot who will buy a car such as an RS Audi ' just to see what it is like' and sell when the novelty wears off. More important is how the three owners treated the car - can you access the car log maybe and see how many launch...
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    Woke up this morning to my car unlocked with all windows open. Key not working.

    Incredible! Just shows what profit there is in all these things. The question might be - who gets it all. here is the kit I purchased, including two Audi keys...
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    Woke up this morning to my car unlocked with all windows open. Key not working.

    Ouch!! I'd really like to know how much your new key might be - I ask as the other day I decided to treat my beloved little Skoda truck to remote locking. Bought a simple kit off ebay from a German seller, 30€. On opening it, I saw that the keys supplied were genuine Audi type with the p/n...
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    Woke up this morning to my car unlocked with all windows open. Key not working.

    It sounds that you might live in a gated property which is good. Just keep the gates locked at night! Interesting that you had an attempte earlier. These thieves have gone beyond the opportunistic and a good RS3 is worth coming back for. I am not sure if it is possible to access key fob info...
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    Woke up this morning to my car unlocked with all windows open. Key not working.

    OK, I ask the questions as maybe you should consider first the sinister side of this. It is not a pleasant thought but car thieves are pretty sophisticated these days. They can target a car chancing that it might have keyless go, intercept the handshake signal from your key and relay it to...
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    Woke up this morning to my car unlocked with all windows open. Key not working.

    First questions: Do you have 'keyless go' ? Do you have start button or key?