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  1. flying oyster

    Mr Muscle Turbo Clean 2.0TDI 56 plate help

    i done this on my old car before i fitted the hybrid it did work i just took the downpipe off and filled the turbo up with mr muscle then run it up to to temp and took it for a blast worked a treat and fixed my overboost problem at the time
  2. flying oyster

    Time to go its been fun !!

    Im off to the 8l section swapped my derv for an s3 and im thrilled goodbye all !!
  3. flying oyster

    Audi s3 2007-2006 buying

    i remember once a forum member called paddy saying if you can just about afford an audi then you cant afford to run one when i look back over ownership over the years i think he was right lol
  4. flying oyster

    coolant warning

    check left hand side bottom of rad or egr cooler common problem leaking or could be you have a pourous head had same problem with mine and replaced head and then deleated egr cooler no leaks anymore good luck
  5. flying oyster

    White Smoke Problem..

    [2.0 TDI] How to know if your cylinder head will Crack (if it hasnt yet)? search for thread above hopefully you havnt the dreaded A head
  6. flying oyster

    White Smoke Problem..

    egr cooler could be leaking common fault hopefully you havnt got a pourous head as i had
  7. flying oyster

    t8ups LED upgrade

    ive had tups lights for around three years never had a issue with them and service was spot on ive reconmended him to loads of my clubs members who have all been impresed by his service
  8. flying oyster

    2.0tdi 140 bkd, turbo oil leak due to a positive force. Please read

    that seller had a real confidence in his product sounds like you have had a lucky escape
  9. flying oyster

    Starting my Facelift Conversion from 53 Plate. Rear diffuser help required.

    i still havnt done conversion all bits sitting in garage just cant let go of my twin grills lol
  10. flying oyster

    2.0tdi 140 remap

    drive it and enjoy it first then get a remap use a reputable tuner when you do but as brodster says a remap will put strains on other components on the car so be prepared it's a slippery slope sometimes when you enter the tuning game
  11. flying oyster

    A3 2.0tdi bkd turbo oil return pipe leak

    most companies that supply turbos say that you should replace the old pipe with a new one id go that route first
  12. flying oyster

    Bkd 140 hybrid

    il throw another name in to the hat aet turbos did mine mine be on two years plus
  13. flying oyster

    Looking to hybrid my 170 quattro

    id talk to darkside
  14. flying oyster

    Turbo howl (coooing noise) for a3 2.0 tdi 140

    ive just deleated all my egr cooler out the engine and there is definatly more howl from mine not that i wanted that though
  15. flying oyster

    Uprated intercooler

    s3 intercooler slots in old ones place just have to change the boost pipes fitting or you could buy a hardpipe kit from darkside also they do intercooler for 250 in my experience unless your running 300 bhp plus the stock intercooler is man enough for the job
  16. flying oyster

    dual mass flywheel or single flywheel

    single mass will be noisy and if you do a lot off town driving annoy you in the end or you can do what i do and turn the stereo up aprt from that its very efficent at putting the power down not heard of any issues with gearboxes
  17. flying oyster

    Loosing coolant.FAST!

    i replaced my head last year i had the dreaded A casting it fixed it but last month started loosing water again pressure tested found nothing then found egr cooler was leaking deleated it took it out all good
  18. flying oyster

    Jardo's gone and got an 8P diesel slayer! ***with Instagram updates***

    its cleannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn relax dude before you blow a gasket !!!
  19. flying oyster

    Let's talk Tdi tuning/clutches....

    the clutch friction plate was dragging on the pressure plate /flywheel they had a problem with a batch and if you do a internet search your find them . the guys at darkside were brilliant and managed to get a replacment out of them for me but i still had labour costs and it left me with a bad...