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    Rs3 bent strut or knuckle Orr???

    Upload a picture if you can. How much of an angle?
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    Unitronic Stage 3

    Simon from sharp motorsport one of the main distributors for unitronic in the uk ran this setup for a long time give him a shout and I'm sure he could talk you through it.
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    Facelift DAZA stripdown

    100% it is appalling, feel bad for whoever paid for that...
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    M4 to fl rs3

    Whichever way you go will be a noticeable downgrade handling-wise FL less so. Can manage 530 in my m2 comp fine even with the recent crap weather just takes a gentle foot unless you want to just pin it everywhere you go. FL Tuned will also get you back to where you are power wise.
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    Knocking sound on a new built engine (JE PISTON) slap or somthing else?

    Piston slap is common on built daza/dnwa annoyingly, some piston setups are more common than others, the higher load and rpm from the ac help smooth it out. Not the end of the world but worth keeping an eye on.
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    Stage 3 TTE700 Inbound

    Will be a hoot for sure, any plans to build the engine?
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    RS3 FL Another Downpipe..

    While i somewhat agree with this, it is odd behaviour considering the scorpion downstream looks pretty damn restrictive when it splits into two. Some of the attributed lag will be good mapping, these engines make a **** load of torque very early and if that is not drawn out a bit/delayed you...
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    Facelift RS3 stage 2 intake advice

    No it will be no existent the only benefit will be in your pocket by not buying it.
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    RS3 No more...

    Thanks! Yes that is true although the m2 already had an active autowerke equal length mid pipe and that cures much of the s55 sound. Is it better than a 5cyl sound no is it nice yes.
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    RS3 No more...

    So just over 2 years my RS3 ownership is over and I have taken delivery of a lovely Long beach blue M2 Competition the money was right and I had been eying up an M2 for some time now and so far it has certainly lived up to expectations! I thoroughly enjoyed the RS3 and the community behind...
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    Saloon what tyres to get?

    With a 7 in the names maybe we get 7000 miles now
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    Intake and Inlet elbow advice

    Have a word with Simon @ sharpmotorsport he has the awe/forge setup i think he makes a specific adapter piece for it.
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    Average lifespan of brake pads?

    Reading of people burning through them in 20k id say you are indeed doing well.
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    Removing opf

    Fitting the downpipe is a pig of a job, only undertake if you are experienced and have a plethora of tools. There is talk of possibly getting a hard code logged that is difficult to remove but you should be ok if it's a fairly short drive keep it out of boost if you do it.
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    RS3 Lower End Engine Rattle

    Very odd. also odd that there are chunks missing from the cover. I would get a professional check of the car done to get a thorough idea of the history as currently it's not looking great.
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    OEM Cat Replacement

    I would look for a lightly used original replacement it would be the easier option and guaranteed to not cause issues. Check you are not having lambda sensor issues though before replacing the cat.
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    2019 RS3 Sportsback aftermarket exhaust

    Glad your getting it resolved, hopefully at minimal cost. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Has Anybody Fitted the Wagner Evo 1 Intercooler?

    No need to go back, as long as the hoses are snug and not leaking you are all good.
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    De - cat

    They don’t seem to have it listed, if you contact them they will be able to source it for you. Depending on how you drive it will be ok for stage 2, if you plan on going further I would look elsewhere. If you do lots of high speed constant power driving it may not be suitable but your...
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    De - cat

    Yes somewhat, decats also smell crap and give a fairly sharp tone a cat smooths the sound out a bit imo