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  1. Spin140

    RS3 now gone, Hello Golf R

    Audi gave me £40K, the list on the car was £44500, had it for 5 months and 2500 miles so not bad, I no, I never paid list :) Just needed to trim my monthly outgoings for a while otherwise would have kept the RS, needs, must and all that. :)
  2. Spin140

    RS3 now gone, Hello Golf R

    I sold my RS3 to Audi a couple of weeks ahgo and whilst I'm deciding whats next I have signed up for 12 month PCP on a Golf R manual. To get the rock bottom prices I had to go with a standard 2017 model in white but this is by no means a pauper spec and I have been pleasantly surprised with...
  3. Spin140

    RS3 price madness

    You can have mine for £42,500 or for £44.500 from Audi dealership....
  4. Spin140

    3 months on

    I think the main reason the Press don't feel the love for the RS3 is they get so hung up on the price, we have to consider that its a small amount of journalists that test the cars often back to back with admittedly cheaper competition but in reality how many people actually pay the additional...
  5. Spin140

    RS3 with BSP...RS3 with no styling package...any photos

    Yes it's on the Audi site but I still have the car although not driving to keep the miles at 1,500. Really want it to go as its torture for me First buyer to offer £42500 can have it and boy it's worth every penny absolutely stunning and by far the best car I have owned
  6. Spin140

    RS3 with BSP...RS3 with no styling package...any photos

    Happy to do a private deal guys, just looking to settle the finance so payments direct to Audi Finance...
  7. Spin140

    RS3 with BSP...RS3 with no styling package...any photos
  8. Spin140

    My news RS3

    I've had 3 M135's, 1 manual then another 2 with auto, I can't honestly say that I haven't noticed the Stronic being any quicker but it definitley has better noise inducing mapping. The BMW box really is a master piece as is that engine but the RS3 does take it a step further. Enjoy the new car !
  9. Spin140

    RS3 with BSP...RS3 with no styling package...any photos

    This will be going up for sale at an Audi dealership soon for £44500 :(
  10. Spin140

    RS3 with BSP...RS3 with no styling package...any photos

    I went for the standard alloys and was really pleased I did as with the alu pack they add a tasteful bling and so much better in the metal. My favourite 2 things are the seats and dynamic pack. I don't regret for 1 minute buying it just circumstances changed quickly in regard to role at work and...
  11. Spin140

    RS3 with BSP...RS3 with no styling package...any photos

    You can buy mine if you like Jassy. I love it but never seem to use it as always in rented cars for company stuff so it's a large outgoing each month. Mine is mythos with aluminium pack . Lunar super sports Dynamic pack Nav Just 1200 miles and never even been launched. Mint. Just want to clear...
  12. Spin140


    Not quite 1000 miles and yes my this been recovering from an op so not used it much
  13. Spin140


    picked up March 1st but not been able to give it a clean until this weekend ...
  14. Spin140

    8V RS3 367PS Tuning from DTUK and DTE

    That's encouraging news though that nothing detected or suggested. I'd have one of these boxes in a heartbeat just need to ensure I can keep the car first as may have to sell up with less than 1,000 miles on her :(
  15. Spin140

    IS ANYBODY CONTENT with their Audi RS3?

    I've had mine 5 weeks and really love this car it's not the sort of car that blows you away with one drive more the type that has hidden talents and really is a superb package. The sound, performance and quality is outstanding. This is the most I have ever paid in monthly payments and worth...
  16. Spin140

    RS3 PCP Deals

    If only I could/would ever have that kind of money in the bank, you Guys are very fortunate and must be in the minority, not sure why you would post on a PCP thread though as clearly if the OP had a spare £50k he wouldn't have asked for our opinions ? The thread for me has been very useful in...
  17. Spin140

    S3 Cabriolet

    Just px mine for an RS3, it was sepang with lunar and I absolutely loved it, if I had known how much I would have loved owning it I would never have ordered the RS. Can be really practical and sits 4 in comfort plus sounds amazing roof up or down, I'd have another in a heart beat...
  18. Spin140

    RS3 soundtrack, dynamic, Male v Female opinions.....

    It really was intended as a tongue in cheek post however Sandra you are what some would call " a proper bird" Now how sexist was that