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  1. samwalker

    Audi Dealer Detailing Skills and why not to let them wash your car.

    I had mine cleaned by Lake District Audi and now Oxford Audi, only had one complaint with them (on the cleaning front anyway!) they completely coat the tyres with some crap which then ran onto the wheels and looked crap. I detail mine so maybe I've just never noticed that it comes back that bad
  2. samwalker

    Chrome exhaust tips

    Have you thought of using metal polish? I've got a stainless exhaust which comes up awesome when I use it - might be a little different if yours are chromed though
  3. samwalker

    Machine Polisher

    I know there has been loads of responses already, I bought an Autobrite direct one last halloween in their sale, only just found time and weather to actually use it this Monday! Great piece of kit and easy to use, is a little pricey though - I got the DA21 with all 3 types of pads and polishes...