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    Engine mounts

    No they come separate. The bush is about 40-50 from audi, and yes the subframe needs to come out. Can be a hard tight fit to get the new bush in
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    EGR 'insufficient flow' and MAF sensor.

    I had insuffiecient flow after cleaning out my egr and manifold. I deleted the egr and never had a problem since
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    need new rear discs what to buy

    oem quality are fine on rear, most of braking is done on front.
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    Flash Count!?

    the sps doesnt flash the ecu again just changes settings of what already on their so dont think it will register a flash count. you cant reset flash count with vagcom
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    Egr Delete 2.0TDI BKD

    Best blank it on the egr cooler and remove the cooler to intake pipe. I also blocked it on the turbo manifold so nothing going into to the egr cooler too :)
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    Remap cost, expensive or not??

    FR&RTuning for me, they do their own and also Revo remaps. You can see the success of their software with the achievements their south africa agents are having using their software. BTW I wonder how long before Shark start offering Revo.
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    Forge motorsport 2.0 tdi coolant hoses

    Yep ill have some. Could do with some coloured silicone. Also TIP if they can make one.
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    3.2 brake discs removal

    depends on your mechanical skills. Pretty much straight forward though, if you know what your doing. Remove 2 bolts for the carriers, remove retainer on caliper and loosen bolts on caliper. whole caliper will come off. Watch out for the wear indicator plug. Install in reverse. You might need to...
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    FMIC on A3 2.0Tdi

    looking at the pipes you have in your box, they dont look correct. Are you sure that kit is for the 2.0TDI? What other mods have you got? you wont noice any difference if your near engough stock. Ive got a hybrid GT20 turbo, hence the need to flow cooler air more efficiently
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    FMIC on A3 2.0Tdi

    does that remove the existing cooler or does it join together with it? I run the THS FMIC very good :)
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    Audi 2.0l TDI 140 remap

    fr&rtuning do the alientech powergate tuning box called their self tuning box see for yourself FR&R Tuning| ECU Remapping| Stage 1, 2 & 3 Performance Upgrades - Self Tuning System (STB) Locked - (Powered by CubeCart)
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    VCDS to lock down/disable car?

    Theres an option in vcds to put the car in transport mode. This should do what your looking for
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    DPF Delete for a 170 TDI Quattro Help?

    you can also get dpf delete sofware from fr-rtuning and you dont even have to visit them if you buy this device FR&R Tuning| ECU Remapping| Stage 1, 2 & 3 Performance Upgrades - Self Tuning System (ST3) Locked - (Powered by CubeCart)
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    Anybody want a FREE Front Mount Intercooler

    Im going by the THS one i already have on mine
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    Anybody want a FREE Front Mount Intercooler

    When they look at the design they will see there is certain fixings the cooler must have to fit flush. The cooler sits between the radiator and air con radiator. So design and size wise it will be vey similar to whats already avaliable. They can only really change the core and inlets and outlets...
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    Anybody want a FREE Front Mount Intercooler

    Why do you need an a/s3? There enough fmic on the market for you to copy. Only thing you can change is the core. I'd say your a little to late for this one. If anything you should look at the pipe work from the 'L' pipe from the cooler to intake manifold and 'S' pipe from turbo to cooler. No...
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    FR&R self tuning remap, anyone used/got one? Link attached.

    see here for reviews: Madmans' GTTDI sports tractor...Poly bushed wishbones fitted - uk-mkivs
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    Double din cage part number

    Anyone know the dd cage part number to fit rns-e? Cheers
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    audi s3 parts discount?

    Add FR&RTuning to your list FR&R Tuning| ECU Remapping| Stage 1, 2 & 3 Performance Upgrades - Self Tuning System (ST3) Locked - (Powered by CubeCart)
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    cheapest place for a MAF sensor?

    Ive got one if you want, £100 delivered. In original package. Pm if interested