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  1. dp_motley

    How to un-code steering wheel heating?

    Hey everyone. I recently replaced my heated steering wheel with a FBSW with paddles. Now, obviously, I see a steering wheel heating error every time I turn on the ignition. I'd like to remove it from the system. Does anyone know how? I don't own a VCDS cable but I have OBDeleven. It would help a...
  2. dp_motley

    Please share your 1.5/35TFSI dyno graph - stock and re-mapped, plz

    Hello. My car was re-mapped (ECU and TCU) last summer. There was no dyno at the dealers who flashed a new map from a reputable local (DK) supplier. The car felt more alive, but I expected more torque in low-mid range of revs. Also I liked numbers so I ran a dyno test later and was disappointed...
  3. dp_motley

    Steering wheel stitching

    Hello everyone. I bought a flat bottom steering wheel with paddles and while I was waiting it to arrive, I got an idea to add RS look stitching to it. The stitching must be the same Lasso Brown colour to match the rest of the interior. Do you know anyone who could do this job for a reasonable price?
  4. dp_motley

    Facelift Is an A3/S3 steering wheel same as an A4/S4 one?

    Hello. I own a 2019 Audi A3. I was going to buy a flat bottom steering wheel from an ebay seller who sold it as an A3/S3 steering wheel. My concern is that the oem number provided is 8K0419091CN. The "8K0" suggests that it's an A4 part (an A3/S3 part starts with 8V0). I need the wheel only as...
  5. dp_motley

    Multi-point inspection checklist wanted, plz.

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a multi-point inspection checklist that Audi service folks use during standard (30.000 km) maintenance. I would appreciate if anybody could share it.
  6. dp_motley

    312mm drilled or grooved brake discs - picture request

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for pictures of drilled or grooved 312mm front brake discs, preferably on a car with 19 inch wheels. I'd appreciate if anyone could share it.
  7. dp_motley

    Cargo net for a Sportback?

    Hello everyone! Can anyone help me finding the right part number for a cargo/luggage net for a FL 8V Sportback? All cargo nets I saw on ebay so far seemed to fit a saloon. Is it the same for a saloon and a sportback? A sportback has a smaller boot, so perhaps a saloon cargo net would be too...
  8. dp_motley

    Exhaust pipe tips temperature

    Hi everyone. Do you know how hot could be an exhaust pipe, the part after the muffler where the pipe tip is? I was going to fit custom quad tips which I was going to powder coat in gloss black. A guy at the powder coat shop told me that the coating can hold up to 170 degrees celsius. It can...
  9. dp_motley

    Wheel sealant for winter use recommendation wanted

    Hello everyone! What rim protective sealant/wax would you recommend for winter wheels? My new winter alloys (v2 rotors) have the diamond cut that isn't covered with any clear coat. I don't have time and money to apply the clear coat, so I think I should try and protect the wheels with a kind of...
  10. dp_motley

    Are 80mm tail pipe tips good or small?

    Is there anyone who has 80mm tail pipe tips on a 8V on this forum? Could you share pictures? I was looking for a way to upgrade my 2019 SB S-line to a S3 look for awhile. I bought a S3 diffuser long ago, but an affordable exhaust with 4 pipes was hard to find. Finally, I located inexpensive one...
  11. dp_motley

    Does dark tinted clear coat spray exist?

    Hello everyone! I'm waiting for delivery of new S3 replica wheels and I got a weird idea about spaying them with dark tinted clear coat for both longevity and better, IMHO, darker look of the diamond cut surfaces. Did anyone do anything like this before? Can you recommend a good dark tinted...
  12. dp_motley

    Anyone uses round centre caps instead of star-shaped

    Hi everyone. I'm waiting for delivery of 19 inch S3 replica rims as on a picture below. They use a star shaped centre caps by their original design. But I'm not a huge lover of the "stars", despite I like the rims a lot. I thought what if to fit some round Audi centre caps instead of the...
  13. dp_motley

    How to replace window switch buttons?

    Hello! Does anyone know how to replace door window switch buttons? My car is FL with white interior lightning, inclusive the window switch buttons. I'm retrofitting leather interior that came from a PFL car, so all the door switch buttons should be red in the the PFL. I have to move my...
  14. dp_motley

    How to swap an S-tronic shifter on a FL 8V?

    I need to swap the S-tronic shifter with a new one that I received together with the leather interior. It has a boot with stitching that matches stitching on all the other parts of the interior. I did such a swap before on a manual 8P sportback. It was easy that time. But my s-tronic shifter...
  15. dp_motley

    Looking for explanation regarding Audi suspension types

    Hi everyone. I have some questions regarding types of suspension that Audi AG uses in our cars. I asked these questions vaguely in another thread, but I guess not many users visit that thread due its subject. Well, the questions. 1. Are there Audis of a later generation with a rigid axle? 2...
  16. dp_motley

    Is the 8V3 Sportback or Hatchback?

    Hello everyone. I'm struggling to find this info. Is the 8V3 5-door sportback or 3-door hatchback? I'm looking for a S3 muffler for my FL A3 sportback and there is one off a S3 8V3 (part number 5Q6253611AT) for sale for a reasonable price, but I must ensure that it's not a short 3-door version...
  17. dp_motley

    245/35/19 on a Sportback: picture/feedback request

    Did anyone fit or heard of the 245/35/19 tyres on the A3/S3 Sportback? There is a bunch of pictures of these tyres on a Saloon, and they have good reviews, but the Saloon can take wider wheel in comparison to the Sportback. I would appreciate your feedback and pictures. Thanks.
  18. dp_motley

    Leaking fuel injector. Looking for advise.

    Hi everyone. I own a 2012 Audi A3 1.6 TDI, engine code CAYC. I noticed strong diesel smell coming from an engine compartment a couple of weeks ago. I removed the engine cover and saw that the second fuel injector is wet in comparison all other injectors. I asked a mechanic to check it out. He...
  19. dp_motley

    Someone uses a photo of my car on Ebay

    As stated above, an ebay seller uses a photo of my car on their product page for a commercial purpose without my permission. Should I do anything with it like to put them down or charge some money? What would you do? Here is the product sales page:
  20. dp_motley

    Question to A5 Limited Edition owners

    Audi had a Limited Edition A5 model a couple of years ago. I think it was late 2016, but I can be wrong. Is here anyone who ordered such a car new from a dealer? A have a couple of questions as Audi offers a limited edition of A3 and answer to my question can help me making a right decision. -...