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  1. Adam14

    Alloy Help

    I'll openly admit I'm a bit of a novice with alloys and I know there's "willtheyfit" but it might as well be a different language. I'm looking at some new alloys (20 inch, 9.0j and ET45). I have the stock S5 alloys which I believe are 19 inch 8.5j and ET32. In layman's terms what does the...
  2. Adam14

    Short Lance (in2detailing)

    Hi all, I was looking at purchasing the following from in2detailing ( but it is out of stock. I've had no luck finding anything equivalent for my K4 with...
  3. Adam14

    Machine Polishing - Safety

    Found this quite interesting video on machine polishers and I think it helps dispel the fears many new people (myself included) have about using a machine polisher for the first time. Of course still have to be careful but I know I found it interesting and might help others. Sent from my...
  4. Adam14

    Opinions on Wrap Colour

    Hi all, really struggling to pick between two colours to wrap my S5, any opinions welcome! On the left is "Gloss blue fire" and on the right is "Gloss Blue Metallic" Low Res uploads don't help Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  5. Adam14

    Jaguar F Type

    Hi all! Just wondering if any on here has any experience with owning an F Type, I'm considering changing to one, I'm a tall bloke which might put the whole thing down the drain [emoji23] Anyway just curious if any had owned one, I'd be looking at a 14/15 plate coupe and what they were like to...
  6. Adam14

    Facelift Audi Sport Weekend 14th and 15th September

    Just got an email inviting me to a Audi sport weekend, all models from S3 to RS6 are available! Just wondering if anyone else has had an invite for something similar recently? I've managed to secure test drives on the new RS5 coupe, RS4 and RS3 saloon models, also trying to secure an RS6 as...
  7. Adam14

    Topping up oil - S5

    Hi all, Relatively stupid question, I'll admit. Now the S5 (and presumably A5) have no dipstick from what I can see so only way to check oil is via the MMI or MyAudi App. After about 4k miles driving my Oil level is about 5/8 full so looking to top it up. However due to the absence of the...
  8. Adam14

    Facelift Audi Dealer "High Quality" service

    Apologies wasn't too sure where to post this but thought I'd post it here as it's the most active part of the forum, and although it relates to my dad's A1 I'm sure it'll be of interest to those here. So hopefully the story might be enjoyable or interesting to some, I'll apologise in advance if...
  9. Adam14

    Wireless Charging Retrofit

    Hi all, I tried looking on the forum and internet but couldn't find anything! Just wondering if anyone knows of someone or if it is possible to retrofit the wireless charging unit in to my B9 S5? I put my phone in my arm rest a lot so wireless charging would be pretty useful. Sent from my...
  10. Adam14

    Winter Tyres

    Hi all, Due to work and college restraints, myself and a mate have planned to travel Scotland (NC500-esque) from mid-December to early January. Now living down south we get very little snow, so never seen the need to purchase winter tyres. However considering the time of year we are planning...
  11. Adam14

    New S5 Owner

    Hi all, Been a poster over in the A3/S3 forum for a while now, but I am now joining this one. I have sold by 2017 S3 saloon and taken the plunge and bought an 18 plate white S5 coupe, with only 2.5k miles on the clock. Got a cracking deal from my local dealer, managed to get him down to £33.5k...
  12. Adam14

    Saying goodbye to the S3

    So after having owned by S3 for about 15 months now, I've managed to secure a deal to sell my S3 and got a cracking deal on a virtually brand new S5 coupe (18 plate with 3000 miles), the monthly payments and huge saving on my insurance actually makes me financially better off each month (go...
  13. Adam14

    Sold 2017 FL S3 Ara Blue Saloon

    Hi all, Looking to sell my 2017 S3 black edition in Ara blue. She has been well looked after and the car has a full Audi service history with all paperwork. Car has grey leather interior, as well as a resonator delete. I also have the stock resonator if you wish to replace this. Badges have...
  14. Adam14

    Engine Coolant

    Potentially a stupid question, not particularly that clued up on the engineering side of cars [emoji14] My engine coolant level in the S3 is right near the minimum level. In terms of topping this up can I just get some generic coolant from Halfords or do I need something more bespoke from...
  15. Adam14

    Interesting new article - no more e tron Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  16. Adam14

    Stoke chip repair

    Hi all, I'm aware there's many posts on this topic, but don't really cover my point(s). I've got numerous stone chips on my bonnet, bumper and even a couple on the roof?!?!? I've got a touch up kit from Audi (base coat and lacquer) and wanted to have a crack with the less noticeable stone...
  17. Adam14

    Drying cloths + Wax prep

    Hi all, Having just cleaned the car today, felt the need to get advice from the various people on this forum. When drying my car I currently use a Auto finesse aqua deluxe drying towel, which whilst it does dry, it leaves shed loads of lint / fluff on the car, which is highly annoying. I've...
  18. Adam14

    Removing RainEx

    Hi All, As per the title I applied RainEx a month or so to my S3, seemed to go on well enough but now we've had some rain I've noticed a few issues which I can only point to the RainEx, these being: - In the cold weather, my windscreen seems to steam up from the outside, it's not steam it's...
  19. Adam14

    BCS Res Delete

    Hi all, Just felt like making a post on this, I know there's 10s or more of them. I had this fitted by Nige and Dave yesterday. Took 25 minutes if that, just wanted to say anyone considering getting this done to their S3 / other car...JUST DO IT! The new sound is immense, plus Dave and Nige...
  20. Adam14

    FL S3 Badges

    Hi all, appreciate there's quite a few posts about this, but the links people shared don't seem to work. Was wondering if someone might be able to help me find some genuine Audi badges that'd fit onto my 2017 FL S3 Saloon. Audi want £78 for the front Audi badge, rear Audi badge and rear S3...