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  1. j50sho

    A3 Sportsback 170 300bhp+

    hi guys right im getting rid of my cooper s, nice car but bores me and hasent got the pull of my old 140bhd Im looking to buy a sports back fairly cheap maybe high milage and turn her into abit of a beast, the question im asking is.. with hybrid turbo, clutch, decat dmf delete , remap etc etc...
  2. j50sho

    a3 2.0tdi blip power

    hi guys, currently on-going problem which im getting help with from nigel... my car blips in power in all gears every so often, fault code threw up a maf problem which i replaced, the replacement did help but i still have the blip normally around the 2k rev point, one thing i noticed is when i...
  3. j50sho

    Anyone In birmingham to do cambelt and couple other btis

    hi guys, anyone about that can do my cambelt kit and maybe clutch soon, also fitting coilovers... garages round here i have no trust in and the parts i can get for half the price they quote me. anyone recommend anywhere or any guys that can help?
  4. j50sho

    Coilovers for sale?

    Has anyone got coilovers for sale? Looking for a cheap/budget set for the time being. Cheers
  5. j50sho

    Audi Part Prices Difference ??

    hi guys i recently sent an email to audi uk becuase i had been given 3 different prices for a MAF sensor at different audi garages... ive heard this is a very common thing amoungst us. anyone else?
  6. j50sho

    a3 turbo 8p 460bhp i love it becuase its standard looking on the outside, whats your thoughts?! feeecking expensive!
  7. j50sho

    A3 2tdi best exhaust

    hi guys, looking to soon upgrade my turbo after the clutch is done. and with that i want i good exhaust system, i dont know if you've heard the a5 3.tdi with a miltek but it sounds unreal (youtube) will i be able to get near to this sound (sounds like a petrol) and gain beneifits from a...
  8. j50sho

    A3 2.0tdi BKD Fault codes :(

    hi guys after having a **** diagnostic i took it to a specialist and got a LIST of error codes, couple are disturbing. history: couple of times the car has just totally died when at low revs, also i get alot of short loss of power through the rev range which could have been a number of things...