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  1. rawtor51

    gear stick alignment

    Guys. I'm wondering if there is such as re alignment of the gear stick. Reason i ask, if i push the stick left then up it wont engage 1st, If i push left then up then relax it slightly to the right it will engage no problem. 2nd gear is simple. Left then down, no problem. I am hoping its...
  2. rawtor51

    Garrage costs help

    Guys, the A6 has recently started to vibrate at the front when I put the foot down, revs climb then fall a bit before climbing again as the vibrating stops. So to cut a long story short, its down at the garage, they have offered to change the clutch and flywheel for £300, they will pay the rest...
  3. rawtor51

    A4 B8 Switches in an A6 C6

    Does anyone know if the A4 B8 window switches with the alloy tips will fit in an A6? Or if they can be retro fitted?
  4. rawtor51

    Talk to me about rear diffusers

    does the diffuser replace the original or go on over the top, are they just clipped on when the original is taken off or glued onto the original
  5. rawtor51

    severe lack of members ?

    Is it just me or is there a severe lack of members in the C6 forum ?, coming from the A4 B6 section it alway seemed a lot busier.
  6. rawtor51

    19 x 9.5 ET38 rears

    Guys will the above size work if I run a 245 30 19 tire, does anyone have any pics, the car is sitting on S Line suspension atm. Thanks very much
  7. rawtor51

    New to the A6 section of the forum

    Hi guys, Ross from Aberdeen, I have just upgraded to the A6 section after chopping in my A4 avant a couple of weeks ago. Seen this at my local dealer and really liked it, newer than the A4, a lot less miles and Sline so that ticked some boxes for me. then I got rid of the orange...
  8. rawtor51

    A6 C6 with a black grill

    Right guys , I've had a look and there doesn't appear to be many. Has anyone got pictures of a silver A6 saloon with a black grill?
  9. rawtor51

    wing removal DIY??

    Guys, do any of you have a DIY on removing the front wings on the A4, I've searched but came back with nothing. Thanks
  10. rawtor51

    Aberdeen meet 2012

    I thought I would post this incase some of you guys were interested. • View topic - EastSide über meet 2012 - Sunday 27th may
  11. rawtor51

    1.9tdi sport poor mpg maf ????

    Guys, looking for advice here,my car returns roughly 500 miles to an £80 tank of diesel, its a non Quattro. Now the display2 shows an average of 35.9 mpg ive worked it out at 33.8 mpg. It heats up fine to 90 Deg C and stays there, heating is fine and no problems on the coolant side that i...
  12. rawtor51

    Price please

    Hi there, Could you give me a price for a maf, P/N 0281002461 or 07490848113 thanks
  13. rawtor51

    my avant progress thread

    Thought i would share some pics of my Avant, Had it about 3 months now and its slowly getting there, the way i want it. This is how i bought it. Gave the callipers a lick of paint as i hate seeing rust through the wheel, back ones silver , fronts red. Then i set about some of the...
  14. rawtor51

    pic request please. AMG wheels

    Guys, I've been looking but had no success, anyone have pics of any B6's running 18" AMG wheels? the more pics the better. Prefer avants but anythings better than nothing. Thanks folks.