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  1. mister.c.

    Stage 1 remap providers

    Did you get it done, and if you did, who did it, and how you've found it?
  2. mister.c.

    2008 A3 front speaker replacement

    @Sayam could be somebody who knows?
  3. mister.c.

    TPS Alternative?

    I've used Coverdale Car Parts via facebook and they were good.
  4. mister.c.

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Spent almost four figures in hopefully giving my 09 plate 2.0Tfsi another year on the road. 156k miles means things are wearing out. That got me The timing chain changed (close to going pop; the new one is the third one on the car...) OSF Brake caliper plus pad and discs Oil service New Cam...
  5. mister.c.

    Help me solve this technical mystery - PLEASE

    Got to the bottom of it yet?
  6. mister.c.

    My S4 thread

    I clicked on the auto trader link a couple of months ago (I think - Covid makes memory recall for 2020 sometimes be a bit out!) and it didn't exist & I couldn't see it at the provider you sold it to, so whether it went to auction or had been sold by then... who knows! I really have enjoyed the...
  7. mister.c.

    Best current (2020) scan tool - 2012 Audi A3 TDI

    In the end I've gone for the Ancel VD500 via ebay which has cost me the same as a years subscription to Carista. Seems to do what I want (and I'd rather pay outright). I'll put a few thoughts down in a separate thread once I've had to use it for a few times.
  8. mister.c.

    Best current (2020) scan tool - 2012 Audi A3 TDI

    What did you go for in the end @paulmolive and how have you found it? Just looking into this again after subscribing a couple of years ago for a year when I got Carista. It cleared some codes now and again and I changed a couple of settings. Didn't really use it as much as I initially thought...
  9. mister.c.

    Tuning box review from darkside development

    Last time I saw comments on darkside on here (must be 2 or 3 years ago now) some people didn't rate them. Were suggesting people to go elsewhere. Anyone with a more recent view?
  10. mister.c.

    Had the car mapped

    Rick and a recent S4 B9 remap is via his facebook page from 4 March 2020"
  11. mister.c.

    New owner security questions

  12. mister.c.

    My S4 thread

    Have watched your thread with interest over the years. I thought, 2 or 3 years ago my next car would be a S4. It may still be, and in different circumstances I'd have been after the hounds blue S4 when that went, or yours or some grumpy old mans one, if he was to ever sell! Nice un-modified well...
  13. mister.c.

    Autotechnica hull
  14. mister.c.

    Autotechnica hull

    Used them for servicing for 3-4 years and they were spot on. Allowed things like bringing your own oil and charged reasonable rates. Only not using them now as I've moved house and have an equally good local option.
  15. mister.c.

    B8.5 - 2.0T or S4?

    Simple as drive them all. One for whatever reason will tug at you more than others.
  16. mister.c.

    On the verge of a B8.5 S4

    Good to hear and I'm sure you'll have fun for it. Lots of good information in the B8 section including some of the folks who've had them for years. I've read most of them over the years. Thanks for the reply which is a helpful insight. I've been keeping a bit of an eye on a blue one which with...
  17. mister.c.

    On the verge of a B8.5 S4

    Welcome to the world of Misano. I may be looking at a B8 in the next few months. Would you care to share how much off the advertised price you got your little beauty for?!
  18. mister.c.

    Hi there. Yes, I did that in the end and not had issues since. Cheers.

    Hi there. Yes, I did that in the end and not had issues since. Cheers.
  19. mister.c.


    Any updates from your visit yet @Sag ?