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    Tank Capacity 184 quattro

    Here is a question, the manual states that the tank capacity is 55L in the A3 Quattro, however I usually run down to 0-20 miles using the Range readout. However when filling up ive never been able to get more than 50L into the tank. Now I fully understand that the range read out isn't accurate...
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    Boost Pressure Sensor Location

    Hi All, Does anyone know where the Boost pressure Sensor is on a 2.0D 184 engine ? :shrug:
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    184 Quattro - What VCDS Mods would you recommend ?

    Hi All, Looking for some guidance, ive had my A3 for a month now and wondering what Modifications are possible/recommended and also looking for someone who can do in the Sheffield area ? Spec of my car is A3 2.0 TDi S-Line Sportback 184 Quattro S-Tronic Daytona Grey F38...