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  1. Marky142

    RSQ3 Anyone gone from S3 to an RSQ3

    I have went from an 8V S3, to an RSQ3 to an SQ5. All good in different ways and of course everyone has their perspective, here is mine if it helps. S3 - I will spend less time here as whilst it was lovely looking especially inside, it bored me and I personally found it under steered too much...
  2. Marky142

    S3 Sold, Off To Pastures New!

    Looks great, am sure it sounds even better!
  3. Marky142

    RS Q3 better than a RS3?

    I sold my 8V S3 after 5 months, I found it a little dull / clinical (good things too many I know), and have now ended up with an RSQ3, it is technically slower on paper, but a totally different experience, much better noise. Sure it rolls a little in corners, and I don't think the s-tronic is as...
  4. Marky142

    2014 Scottish Car Show - Club Stand list

    Hi I have just chopped in my 5 month old 8V S3 for a shiny new sepang blue RSQ3, happy to bring it along if any interest. Cheers
  5. Marky142

    Feedback from those with S3s now

    I liked my new S3, but I didn't love it and for many of the same reasons as these later threads. I changed into the S3 from a 150 TDI S-Line which I felt had a good balance between the power and the chassis, so I ordered (and didn't test drive)... I just didn't gel with the S3. I felt it was a...
  6. Marky142

    What is it with Scotland?

    A mate just changed his S5 for something a little sharper at Aberdeen Audi, and they said they were the busiest Audi dealership in Europe. No clue if true or not, but a lot of Audi's on the East Coast from Edinburgh upwards.
  7. Marky142

    2013 Audi S3

    Haha, the debates I have had with the wife about an extra older crappier 4*4/estate, just couldn't do it as I have the dogs in the car every day so a shiny new Avant with a bit of go it is.
  8. Marky142

    2013 Audi S3

    Hi All Well after 5,000 fun miles, I have traded in my estoril blue S3 Sportback. I needed something with a bit more room for the dogs (looking at a 3rd dog), and the quattro took a bit more space out of the depth of the boot floor than I had hoped. If anyone is looking for an "as new"...
  9. Marky142

    Silver Lunar with Black inlays.

    Looks good ! , exactly the same as mine. I have done 4k miles, and they are holding up well, very easy to keep clean. Not so sure what damp dark blue jeans would do though.
  10. Marky142

    2013 Audi S3

    Looks excellent! Enjoy.
  11. Marky142

    Interior Lighting Pack - Brightness changes

    I think that is all it does. I would like to be able to keep the footwell lights on in the back, but off in the front. Not that the pedals are the shiny aluminium that were advertised but it does seem to reflect/glare a little. Anyone know if this is possible?
  12. Marky142

    2013 Audi S3

    I think that's ballpark correct. On the motorway at 70, I get 37mpg. Driving "briskly" in the region of 16-18 mpg. Overall I am similar at around 26-27 mpg. 4,000 miles in. I would say it has noticeably speeded up however, and the exhaust also has a little sharper sound, all in all, improving...
  13. Marky142

    2013 Audi S3

    Looks great, nice choice, enjoy!
  14. Marky142

    S3 / A3 Boot, Reversible Mat - Pics and feedback

    Thanks for these, I was exploring adding it aftermarket as I like the idea of the bumper protector bit (dogs) but being quoted £180 by my local dealer, as oppose to the £60 if I had of spec'd at time of order has put me off. My old A3 mat will have to do along with a towel for the in and out of...
  15. Marky142

    Look what I found........

    I think that should be a good size. If anyone wants a 1,000 mm one in silver let me know, I ordered one a little too big -:) It just fits but covers right across the entire back window. Free to good home. I was going to put it on my wife's Q5 and wonder when she would actually notice, then...
  16. Marky142

    Feedback from those with S3s now

    I would fully agree. I was a little luke warm when I first got it, but every day that goes by it's getting better and better. It's loosening up nicely and for me coming from an 8V 150 TDI s-line I have had to change my driving input / style a little to suit the S3. This could also be a diesel to...
  17. Marky142

    Moving from an A4 2.0 Tdi 143bhp Multitronic to an 8V 2.0tdi 150bhp

    Changed jobs and instead of a 100 mile a day commute, I now work from home. Moving from the 150 to an S3 was a natural choice - more of the same A3 goodness, a bit quicker, and not to worried re MPG.
  18. Marky142

    Moving from an A4 2.0 Tdi 143bhp Multitronic to an 8V 2.0tdi 150bhp

    It was manual though, don't know how S-Tronic goes in those.
  19. Marky142

    Moving from an A4 2.0 Tdi 143bhp Multitronic to an 8V 2.0tdi 150bhp

    I sold my 8v 150 S-Line TDI after 12 months, and I have to say it was one of the best cars I have had in a long list of cars. Very accomplished and plenty of torque for the 50-70 overtake, nice balance of power to handling ability as well. Get one! -:)