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  1. warren_S5

    APR Remap is out for all mqb 1.8 TSI!

    I think whereas ten years ago people went on forums to share learnings and explore / brainstorm opportunities, now forums have become more mainstream this angle has diminished and it's become much more one dimensional. Too many people are on them to push their own agendas and rubbish...
  2. warren_S5

    2008 A5 3.0TDi fuel leak :(

    Contact Trups at EM Tuning (think they may be a forum sponsor on here). He supplied me with white fog bulbs for very reasonable price (about a tenner) and they're pretty easy to fit if you go in from the leading edge of the front wheel arch.
  3. warren_S5

    S3 or Golf R or even an S1?

    Now I like the look of the R400, and I'd like to think they'll make it, but given previous form with concepts I'm not holding my breath! Personally I found the RS3 (engine aside) to look a bit uninspiring given it's going to whack you in the back pocket to the tune of £50k + (with options). At...
  4. warren_S5

    S3 or Golf R or even an S1?

    Wow, seeing that thread suggests if nothing else that a few thousand years of evolution haven't really done much to develop the empathy or constructive ness of men driving tin pots. Don't get me wrong, we have plenty of similar scenarios on here too, but if you reflect it back it's like a...
  5. warren_S5

    S3 or Golf R or even an S1?

    Or fat men in stg1+ S5's! Actually if S3 had remap it would be very close, but obviously we'd be glacial against a stock Golf R ;-)
  6. warren_S5

    GlynRS2's Sepang Blue S5 Sportback blog

    I didn't have to get past under tray on my 2014 model so they must have changed it. I had unrestricted access.
  7. warren_S5

    New Member - HELP On Buying an A5 Please...

    I've not driven the 1.8 so I can't comment on it's performance. There is always the modifications route if you bought it and it felt too slow. I think the price with that kind of mileage isn't too bad, but I'd always haggle on the price as there is room. If I'm brutal, I have the satnav and...
  8. warren_S5

    S3 or Golf R or even an S1?

    Personal view is that you're all entitled to think WTF you like about any car, Audi or otherwise. Where I (and I'm sure others take issue) is where it gets personal. Don't knock each other for your respective views, respect each others opinions, and whether you like them or not; accommodate...
  9. warren_S5

    Noob member, Few questions and intro.

    Not seen many with remaps on the 2.7, quite a few on the 3.0TDI with good results so it's worth contacting some of the tuners (ECU & chip) to see whats on offer and for what money. And welcome to the forums.
  10. warren_S5

    New arrival

    Lovely car, oh I do like that front grille..... Hope you enjoy it.
  11. warren_S5

    A5 Cruise Control

    Because if you want a Golf it's a fairly competitive market so they give it to you. If you want an Audi they're view is you're prepared to pay, so you will pay (for everything)! Miracle they don't make us pay for the air in the cabin, but don't mention it to them or they might.
  12. warren_S5

    My S5 4.2 V8 Sprint Blue

    That will make a big difference. I'm torn on red as the black just disappear so I've been looking into silver Alcon's (alternative is red), but still not able to decide which I prefer. Red should look good against the blue though so looking forward to seeing how they come up.
  13. warren_S5

    First service for my S5...costs?

    Main dealer? Which one.
  14. warren_S5

    2.0T FSI excessive mpg and oil usage

    ...what you've been quoted seem criminally high. I'd speak to a decent independent to get another view as those figure seem way overboard. Audi are b*******ds if car is out of warranty / not bought through them as they just see the revenue opportunity or if they don't want the work they may...
  15. warren_S5

    2.0T FSI excessive mpg and oil usage

    I don't understand how some of the 2.0T engines are so problematic, whilst the ones in the S3 seem fine (maybe they use different rings etc.). Can't believe the costs are so high either, what you've been quoted seem criminally high. I'd speak to an
  16. warren_S5

    A5 ride height

    I would doubt it as I'd guess they're share the majority of underpinnings but I couldn't be 100% on that
  17. warren_S5

    GlynRS2's Sepang Blue S5 Sportback blog

    Many thanks for taking the time to go through that, I didn't fancy screwing into the plastics and at least this route gives a damage free / robust connection. Time to get some ultra thin black cable ties.
  18. warren_S5

    New Black Edition Sepang S5 Coupe, About To Be Born

    911 coolant cap: 911 coolant & oil cap (not an R8 oil cap granted but better match)...
  19. warren_S5

    My S5 4.2 V8 Sprint Blue

    Do love Sprint blue, works well even on the big car. Looks in great condition. Interested to see what you do. Has the head ever been de-coked? If not there is some very easy BHP on offer!
  20. warren_S5

    GlynRS2's Sepang Blue S5 Sportback blog

    Do you have to physically screw it in with self tappers? I'm hoping if this is the case you screw into the upper edge of the bumper so it's invisible! Waiting for delivery so hope to get it by the weekend. So pleased you did it as I don't think I'd have got one as in my head it seemed to showy...