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    S3 gearbox

    Thanks for the replies guys I will pass them on. I suppose the risk with second hand is you have no idea on the mileage they have done and could still end up with problems. The one listed with 13000 miles is a different code so it's probably not the same box. I spoke to him yesterday and the...
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    S3 gearbox

    Hi guys this is a question for a mate of mine who needs to replace his manual gearbox due to a problem. Does anyone know if you can still buy them new from Audi ( I have told him it would be expensive). He uses his car for work so it's a bit awkward to take his car off the road whilst having any...
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Sprint blue one looks really clean. What products have you used on it?
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    My overdue progress/picture thread: Now with Sprint Blue S3 content

    People remove the rear wiper and fit a small rubber grommet in the hole to seal it. Some people prefer the back without a wiper as they say its cleaner looking.
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    Just ordered a BCS powervalve system

    I would be interested to know how this sounds compared to the miltek resonated as I believe you had that as a cat back system before. I currently have the full turbo back milltek resonated with sports cat. It used to be non resonated but was too loud and although I am fairly happy with the...
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    My Audi S3 Sprint Blue 2010

    Looks really good and seems to fit really nicely. My miltek sits a bit lower and it's one thing that's always bugged me! Did you use new rubbers on the mounting points or do anything different to get it to sit like that or did you just spend some time getting it aligned nicely.
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    My S3

    Yes you could fit the resonated section after. I currently have the non resonated turbo back with sports cat but I am going to fit the resonated section as I find it too boomy for me on motorways and long journeys. Its each to their own with exhausts what some think is too loud others don't!
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    revo's new cold air intake

    I see that revo do 2 intakes and the only difference I can see is the one is ceramic coated to help with heat sink. Is it worth the extra money or have you gone with the normal one which I assume comes with a heat shield like the itg I currently have.
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    Gearbox oil for the S3

    When I changed mine after changing the clutch I was advised to use genuine Audi oil so that's what I did. If you simply drain the gearbox then this won't do anything with the diff as that's at the back. The transfer box has oil in it but that has its own drain and fill plug so that should be...
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    Sachs clutch to bed in or not to bed in that's the question?

    That's good to hear Alex. Do you remember how many miles you managed on it before it gave up at stage 3
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    Spacers on S3 Sportback lowered on H&R springs recommendations?

    The most common seems to be h&r 10mm front and 12mm rear. You may get slight rubbing with 12mm if you don't remove rear arch screw
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    Sachs clutch to bed in or not to bed in that's the question?

    I have taken it easy for about 800 miles to help bed my Sachs and new dmf in. It feels really good now but I still get a little paranoid when I hear of some peoples failing although this might be due to their driving style. I dont do any race starts and hitting the limiter. I am at revo stage 1...
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    Opinions wanted on these wheels

    The reason I am not keen on the bbs whether it be vz or ch is that with their design they seem to look small in 18 as the turinis don't. Only my opinion though as I know how popular the bbs are.
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    Opinions wanted on these wheels

    Anthracite turinis for me on Sprint blue. Slightly biased though as its what I have and love the look. Still need to get some pictures of mine up!
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    My S3 8P...Alps Time.....

    That's such a shame it really annoys me when people don't leave details. Not the best way to end what appears to have been a great trip. Hope your trip back goes smoothly.
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    My Audi S3 Sprint Blue 2010

    TBE stands for turbo back exhaust. Really does improve things on the S3. I also have a 2010 sprint blue that I love, I think it's a great colour. I fully machined and corrected mine last year and in the sun it really pops. Considering a black grill myself and you have just convinced me it looks...
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    Merry Xmas
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    ESP button not working after coilovers install - electronic damping delete solution?

    That looks like it yes. When my car went into an Audi specialist prior to me installing the delete kit they said they could not code it to stop the light coming on as without anything connected to the car wiring it was classed as an open circuit.
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    ESP button not working after coilovers install - electronic damping delete solution?

    I installed kw coilovers to my 2010 S3 that had magnetic ride fitted for original owner( I didn't like them) and I bought a delete kit from them that plugs into the original wiring harness and mounts to a small box you mount in the wheel arch. It prevents any warning lights coming on. I suppose...
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    Few quick snaps with my first two mods

    Looks great. I really like turinis so much so I have a set in my garage to go on my car but I had a bit of rubbing with them at the back as mine is slightly lower than yours on coilovers. I have trimmed the plastic on the bumber in the arch slightly and removed the bumper screw so will try them...