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  1. Rugslasher

    20” tyres

    Also have a descent rim protector for the wife lol
  2. Rugslasher

    20” tyres

    They wear really good , I rotate them every couple of months to stop them rounding, they’re not directional too so you can swap corner to corner
  3. Rugslasher

    20” tyres

    I’m using Goodyear F1 eagles asymmetric 2 , always used with the evo & been son the Rs4 for just under a year & so far so good
  4. Rugslasher

    B8 Rattle

    First of all thanks for your replies & help Past the MOT yesterday & asked the tester to double check everything near the noise but couldn’t find any play or anything????
  5. Rugslasher

    B8 Rattle

    Went for a blast yesterday heading for the strines (glossop) & turned music off as I always do when I put in dinamic mode when I heard a loud rattle like something loose or something it wasn’t happening only on bumps so not shocker related I think but after inspecting with the wheel off (front...
  6. Rugslasher

    Cleaning microfibres towels

    Poor boys do a drying towel cleaner
  7. Rugslasher

    DRC recharge

    Autotechnica in Hull pal great service & price
  8. Rugslasher

    Show us your engine bay

    Oh yeah lol just saw the show us ya engine bay
  9. Rugslasher

    Show us your engine bay

    Not the best pic but
  10. Rugslasher


    & she thought lockdown meant help around the house
  11. Rugslasher

    Comment by 'Rugslasher' in media '[No title]'

    Thanks , we had them done as not keen on diamond cut , the garage I purchased car from did them in with sale but only painted , I’ll have them coated properly when the start looking tired
  12. Rugslasher

    Autotechnica hull

    Anyone used these ? I’m booked in for DRC service & wondered if they were any good
  13. Rugslasher

    Help DRC pipe split I think

    Thanks for all the help peeps
  14. Rugslasher

    Help DRC pipe split I think

    So the wife comes home & asks me to have a look at the puddle of oil around front passenger wheel & after wiping away my tears I removed the wheel & wiped down the best I could in the dark & only thing I could find was this little split in the rubber hose is it DRC & is it dealer only fix
  15. Rugslasher

    What did you do to your audi today

    Just had front & rear lights tinted , not sure about the backs though a tad too dark imo10525
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  18. Just had front & rear lights tinted

    Just had front & rear lights tinted

    Light tints & black RS4 badge
  19. Rugslasher

    Eventuri intake

    For B8 ? What’s Price
  20. Rugslasher

    What tyres you running on

    The sidewalls on the Goodyear f1 are square with the rim plus slight lip for the rim protector so overall look like a good fit